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  1. Hello all, I am currently in my fourth week of taking spironolactone 50 mg once a day. I don't have severe acne. Just mild breakouts that are extremely annoying, so I was prescribed this medicine. However, I'm not seeing any improvement yet. My skin is just the same as it was when I started. I figured I'd be seeing some difference in my skin after four weeks. I'm considering asking my derm if I can bump up to 100 mg a day. Will this help? And also, will I get another initial breakout
  2. meghane


    I am only taking spironolactone and applying retin-a before bed. I'm guessing I probably haven't been taking it long enough to see the initial breakout yet. My fingers are crossed that it stays this way!
  3. I've been prescribed spironolactone in combination with Retin-A for my mild hormonal acne. I know that many people have that initial breakout when taking spironolactone. My question is, when did the purge start? I have been taking it for over a week now and haven't noticed any new breakouts.