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  1. l talk about acne with my family and close friends. Obviously nobody likes or want acne, so when we do talk about acne its mostly about products we've tried and we share with each other our experience and results. I feel relieved whenever I talk with family and close friends about my acne because they don't judge me physically. I believe sharing and empowering each other about facts and knowledge of acne and ways to cure it is what can help someone's self-esteem knowing that they're not Alone!
  2. Cx202020

    Journey With Acne

    Hello Everyone, I've been a faithful user of The Regimen for 3 months now, and after seeing the results I wanted to write a review about it for those who are debating whether to buy the product or not. Also, just to share with the community on how great The Regimen is! I didn't take any of Before pictures, but here is recent one bare faced me The Start of the Journey with Acne: All a little girl in 6th grade cares or 'should' care about is not getting boy-cooties and not having enough baby dolls. I wasn't that little girl, all I worried about everyday was my acne. (Yes, I started puberty super early) My acne back then was more serious, I had it all over my forehead and in my T-zone (nose, and cheeks). I was too young to know about acne products that were out there, so I covered my face with my older siblings make-up EVERYDAY. I had cut my hair into bangs so that it would cover my forehead, I was just miserable.. My friends stopped talking to me as days went on because I wasn't "pretty" enough to be in their clique anymore. I drowned in misery constantly wondering "Why me? Why do I have these ugly white and red bumps on my face?" I prayed every night that my acne would go away before I get to Middle School. Of course, praying doesn't help acne go away. My family got a computer when I was in 7th grade and that's when I started learning how to research about acne products I never knew existed! I was so happy and relieved that I wasn't the only one who had acne. I saw many pictures of people who had more serious and more worse acne than I did, but that didn't make me feel any better about myself. My parents tried everything they could to help me cure my acne, I went to a dermatologist.. waste of money. Asking me questions and telling me 'I look pretty' then going through a small book of lists of products to suggest for me to go buy at the store didn't help. I took the problem into my own hands, and bought products with my own money. I used to get an allowance every month and I would spend it all on acne products.. Neutrogena, Murad, Proactive, Clean & Clear, Biore, Ponds, Olay, Aveeno etc.. Different types of facial cleansers, bar soaps, cleaning pads, and just bought the $180 Clarisonic two months before I purchase The Regimen. Most didn't work, some only helped for a week or so. So seriously, everyday I researched and read reviews and watched youtube review videos of all these million acne products out there that didn't work for me. (Excluding the expensive products at Sephora & Ulta, I don't have that kind of money to spend) One day I came along a Acne.org The Regimen video of a girl who talked about her journey with acne and how The Regimen helped her, her before and after pictures were amazing! I never knew there was a website/community created for people with acne! I browsed, read, looked at all the pictures and forums and discussions about people from all over the world with their problems with acne and reviews on The Regimen. After 3 months of debating, I finally ordered it. 2 weeks later, I got my Regimen in the mail! I was nervous to try it in the beginning. I used it exactly as the directions said, Cleanser & BP & Moisturizer. The morning after the first night of using the products, my face looked red and a little swollen and irritated. It wasn't serious bad, but it was bad. My skin was real itchy but I tried my best not to scratch. I was scared that my skin was going to turn out for the worse. I stopped using the BP after that night and only used the Cleanser & Moisturizer. Thank goodness, it helped. After a week my face didn't look swollen anymore and wasn't irritated, in fact it looked CLEAN! Along with my acne, I also have redness around my nose and on my cheeks and it was gone!! I don't know if it was the BP that helped or what, but it was gone!! My face still had acne but just the redness being gone made me super happy! So I continued to use the Cleanser and Moisturizer only after that, within time my acne started going away.. 3 months later my face is TOTALLY CLEAR OF ACNE! I can't describe how happy I felt the First morning I woke up and there was no pimple in sight! The Regimen is awesome! I absolutely love it! I use it every night and morning. Let me just clarify, I do still get a pimple here and there sometimes so The Regimen didn't permanently cure my acne, but a pimple here and there doesn't bother me at all because it goes away within a few days. I really recommend The Regimen to anyone who has acne, whether it's very serious or mild. I have mild acne, and when I was reading reviews it seemed mostly people with cystic acne or very serious acne users only. But don't hesitate those who have mild acne or random breakouts, because this works! I hope this long story/review helped or let you get an insight of how happy I am with the result from The Regimen. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading! =) Follow me @Instagram: www.instagram.com/chewahhh Until next time, Choua