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  1. Exactly! People always say "you'll grow out of it" and "it's not that bad".. But when you've been living with it since high school you get pretty sick of waiting for it to just go away. Especially since that's not a guarantee. I'm gonna ask my gyno for birth control tomorrow, maybe Yasmin, and see how that works.. Ill have to be on some type of birth control if I manage to get accutane from my derm next week anyway. Who knows, maybe the birth control will help on it's own! Here's to wishful thi
  2. Your skin is looking good I feel the same about make up, smh but I hardly ever go a day without wearing it unfortunately. One day! Lol but good luck on the job interview
  3. Well this is a late reply lol, but I'm pretty much in the same boat. I didn't have a HUGE break out until summer of 2011 (right after graduating high school). Antibiotics and Acanya helped but when I stopped antibiotics (due to side effects), everything started coming back. I've been considering Yaz or Yasmin since I'm pretty sure my acne problem is hormone related, plus I really wanna get rid of this oily skin and topicals just haven't helped with that at all. Anyway, did you ever get on Yasmi
  4. Sanchoroo - I know, its terrible Doryx gave me stomach aches too, and then ended up giving me oral thrush so that's why I stopped using it and then the acne just came back over time. Of course I'm happy it got rid of my severe acne but I want it all gone for good, ya know? :/
  5. Hey! I just made my account on here too,.. Well, been waiting since November of last year to see my dermatologist (my appointment is next Thursday).. My story definitely didn't start as young as yours, acne's only really affected me for 2-3 years now, but I can relate to not wanting to waste time with anymore creams/gels/antibiotics that have already proved ineffective I too have been researching accutane for awhile now and it seems like the only answer unfortunately.. But good luck! Hopefully
  6. I haven't felt so stressed about my skin since December of 2011 I'm counting down the days until I see my dermatologist (next Thursday).. It's really hard to wait this long and watch my skin get worse and worse, especially since I'm on spring break and should be enjoying this time off. Instead it's giving me more time to stress about my face D: My acne is moderate, has been persistent for almost 2 years now, and my skin gets oilier and oilier by the month it seems My mom has skin issues too an
  7. Thanks so much! Ugh it's so bitter sweet having my dermatologist appointment next week... I've been worrying myself to death that she's gonna shoot down accutane completely and just give me more antibiotics :/
  8. Hi everyone! I'm Devon, I'm new here as a registered user, even though I've literally been to this website quite some time over the past 2 years. I guess what made me decide to start a blog here was that, as anyone with acne problems knows, this is something no one else can understand. I came here to be surrounded by other people who are sick of hearing "just try proactiv, you'll be alright" or "you're the only one who notices", etc. Sure, that's great that other people can tell me my face doesn