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  1. Yea, I know it can be a sign of hyperthyroidism, but I don't hope that is the case for me ,.. I think it is because I am very anxious, especially in the evenings.. Do you know if it is easy to test for hyperthyroidism and can it give you acne?
  2. Hi guys ! Just wanted to share a little "tip" with you ! It's summertime in Denmark, and it has been about 26 degrees, which is considered very hot in Demamark I have been sweating a lot during the night, and in the morning my skin is greasy and sweaty-looking. I had a few pimples because of that, I think. Then I did some research about natural remedies, and I came across SAGE. I have been drinking it as tea (and sprinkling it) on my dinner - I was really surprised and pleased w
  3. Thank you all so much for the replies ) I am sorry, I forgot to mention that I am on a really low dose accutane, so it is difficult for me to point out the food-groups that I should stay away from. I started eating theese kind of foods before tane (2 months before) and i did notice some improvement, but not significantly. I just want to get a good start with healthy foods for when i come off the tane.. Guess i will just have to see ) Alternativista, I think i am digesting them fine, Idon
  4. Hi you! I am on low dose tane, but I don't have any healing piercings, yet I'm still experiencing something similar to you, but milder. I have a nose piercing (couple of years old) and 4 piercings in my ears.. When I started accutane I noticed that the area around my nosepiercing became very red and a little bumpy .. but the worst thing was my ears .. they bled sometimes and I could not wear ear rings .. but then, as the months went by, it kind of healed itself again, and I have no trouble
  5. Hi Guys! So, I've heard sooo much about how diet affects the skin, and of cause, no doubt about it. But can you be too fanatic about it? I have developed some habbits and essential foods, that I have been eating for the last 7-8 months. But I havent really had anyone to look at my diet. I know that you guys are not dieticians, but any input or advice, comments, would be great. I Dont eat dairy, nor wheat/gluten and hardly any sugar. A typical day : Breakfast: 1 glass of
  6. Well I actually just asked my dermatologist about it, and she said it would be safe and fine to take antidep. along with the accutane .. her husband is even a psychiatrist, so ... but it wrorried me too, cause I've also heard that it¨s not a good combination. I'm currently in CBT, but I have a LOT of OCD/anxiety going on, so it is going to take a while before I get some results there, I guess .. Currently I sometimes takes oxapax (quick-anxiety-releaf) to sleep better - one or two times a week
  7. Hi Lily ! Thank you so much for your reply. It sounds very reasonable, what you are pointing out. But no, I have never have my hormones checked, can you do that at a doctors office? .. Your friend, who also had anorexia, did she develope acne as she gained weight, or was it after she began takin zoloft? I think it can be very hard to detect what is the cause .. because sure, it is good for your body to get the right nutrition again, but that also creates hormone-activity, I guess you could al
  8. So I went to the mall to do some shopping .. I Don't eat sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, etc. but sometimes I really crave chocolate!! (especially around that time of the month u know) , but I know I can't have some But then I went to the health food section, and I found some really awesome raw chocolate - Pacari ecuadorian organic chocolate 100% - it is made without sugar (of cause since it is 100% cacao) It is full of healthy antioxidants and free of almost everything acne-prones tend t
  9. Nice and interesting post .. I'm from Denmark, and my derm (which is the best in my town, so I've been told by other docters) says that the shortest courses she gives is about 6 months .. I'm currently on my 5th month, 20mg daily (44 kg) and my acne was moderate/severe, not cystic but very persistent... she says that I will probably be on it for a total of 9-11 months .. I asked her if we could upper my dose, but she said that it was just as beneficial to take a "slow run" .. Here in
  10. me too .. yeah, probably psychological, but I feel too that my skin has become so sensitive and use to not getting touched, that it would actually break out .. bad circle. Glad to hear that you have achieved clear skin ´That is strange! I used to be a serious skin-picker too ! .. I would even pick my skin with dirty hands, ugh must have been traumatizing ..
  11. Thank you so much for sharing your experince .. Yea, It really sucks when you are almost clear, and does not expect it .. I think I'm going to ask my derm for zineryt today. Glad to hear that yours dissapeared :) Thanx :)
  12. Yeah, sometimes when I eat, if something hits my chin, I wash it immediatly .. It sucks not to be able to touch your face and relax about it .. My dad sometimes makes fun of me, saying "don't touch the make-up-zone" .. hehe. Some of the hardest times is when it comes to family and boyfriends/girlfriends .. I have a boyfriend, and he knows how anxious it makes me feel, so he doesent touch my face, but I would love if he could, if I could let him (
  13. Yea, me too ! It has become a natural instict .. I relate, I almost become anxious when I, for instance, see a person on the bus or at the mall touching their face all over .. ugh .. I hate when some of my more emotional friends get drunk, and they kiss me all over my face - but you can't really tell them to stop, right? haha When I was younger, I was so serious about anything touching my face, that I would get panic-attacks if it happened .. but with skills you can find ways (like you descr
  14. Hi guys ! I know acne is not caused by bad hygeine or bacteria from the outside. But we also know that touching your acne is bad, right? So, how serious are you about toutching your face, or letting others (family, friends, girl/boyfriends) touch your face?? I really don't like when people kiss me on my cheeks, I dont press my cellphone to my cheek, I never touch or scratch my face without having clean hands .. How important is it for you, and does it affect you everyday-life
  15. I really dont think it looks gross .. it is not that bad at all! I would date you, and yes, without you wearing makeup Indeed you have really nice eyes. I would keep the makeup at a minimum and just look for a concealer to use if you want to cover particular spots I can reccomend Jane iredale dissapear concealer with green tea extract .. It comes in a little white tube which is not to "girlish and glammy", does not clog pores and it is mineral-makeup, so it can be safe and goo