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  1. Hey all, yeah I meant day 16 since starting the thread. Now today is day 19 and all is still perfect. I get my bitter almond oil at www.selectoils.com. I'm going with the pure grade next order, it's more powerful.
  2. Good evening all. This is day 30 of this regimen and it is still working as well as it was on day 1.
  3. Thank you Mr. Administrator. This site's a godsend.
  4. Been 11 days, since I starteed this thread and lemme tell you, my skin is still perfect. Happy Valntine's to you all.
  5. Hello, First let me reply to Stan the Man. The regimen works for both cystic and non-cystic acne. And stay away from froods that cause your acne. Don't believ the rubbish that food has nothing to do with it, it does! Remember this regimen though it works is just aspirin and band-Aids, it will take away your zits butnot their source. And you must be RELIGIOUS with it. Second let me reply to Redhot: Stop it with the moisturizers. Stop it with all the crap you use. Simply make a clean break from
  6. So today, in class a really hot girl comes up to me and starts flirtingwith me. And as usual I'm playing it cool andd busting on her, and trying really hard notto compliment her looks and not smile tooo much, and general just be cocky and funny. Andthen she does sommeting very cool. She pats my cheek and goes, I love your skin, it's soooo clear. Ha! See what make-up can do?
  7. Aced my histology exam. I know this has something to do with increased confidence.
  8. Update: Woke up this morning and saw that the big cyst that had erupted on my neck was now GONE. Before doing this method, that cyst would have taken maybe 2 wks to go away completely. This time, just two or three days, and really only two applications of the oil with Bye Bye Blemish. Exciting stuff. Still acne free.
  9. OK hope all goes well for you. I could always get the stuff for you or show you how to get it as a last resort. Take care now.
  10. S214, if you come to this thread again, I want you to go visit the thread you started becase I posted something very important for you there. Oh and here's an update: STILL CLEAR
  11. Dear S214, I just read over your situation and must say I am quite moved. I know that you read about my regimen to clear skin. It truly worked. I found that when I use fewer products but the RIGHT ones that I look much better. I have no more acne as a result. I'm the oil of bitter almoind guy. Now, I think that the scrubs that you are using are exacerbating your acne. How do I come to that conclusion. I used neutrogena pore-refining scrub my junior uear of college and got hard cystic breakou