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  1. bee1993


    Day 5 using Regimen
  2. bee1993


    Day 5 using Regimen
  3. bee1993


    Day 5 using Regimen
  4. bee1993


    Day 5 using Regimen
  5. bee1993

    Acne History

    I first started to get acne when i was in eighth grade. All i knew was that i was one out of three girls in all my class that had it and mine was by far the worst. instead of buying a product for my face i started to sneak my grandmothers foundation which was two shades darker than my own skin tone. Not only that i was also putting it on in the dim-lit bathroom at my school. It was within a week that people began to notice the blotchy uneven attempt to hide my disgust. Hell. By freshman year
  6. Non scented baby wipes work great for removing makeup. They're really soft and don't cause irritation. I just buy the target brand baby wipes. You want a foaming face wash to use after using the wipes. In my opinion I think foaming cleansers get the leftover makeup off better. You might need some eye-makeup remover, I suggest ponds cold cream. Using a cleansing brush or wash cloth will give you a deeper clean. After your face is clean apply a toner of your liking followed by your favorite moistu
  7. I live in Arizona and so many people here have back acne even if its the only place they have it but no one seems too embarrassed enough to hide it, i even have it but mostly scaring i think its just the weather and all the sweating...
  8. Thanks so much i'll probably try the purity first i'm looking forward to using the jojoba oil but that's when i can afford the big kit plus.
  9. i use estee lauder double coverage foundation, and i use a lot of it after that i also wear mac double coverage foundation plus concealer on top of my already caked on foundation. i know i really shouldn't be wearing so much makeup especially with my acne prone skin but its the only great coverage i get that doesn't leave me embarrassed or ashamed to leave the house. i was reading that you shouldn't use towelettes to remove makeup but seeing as i wear so much its the only thing that works. i kno
  10. bee1993

    along with all the "free" things i was getting every other month being a proactive member my skin would look decent. the masks and exfoliating cream worked good but those weren't really for treating my acne. made breakouts worse, dried out my skin and even made it more oily some days. my breakouts and acne deferentially got worse after using proactive. the only reason i continued to use it was because it was conveniently shipped to me every month and when i would stop using it for ONE day i woul