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  1. Hi guys. So I've had a lot of back acne before, but it's starting to clear up, leaving behind at least 30 spots of hyperpigmentation. Soccer camp started last week, and I've been out sweating like crazy (and i sweat A LOT) for 2 hours everyday. Since the beginning of camp, I am 100% sure that my hyperpigmentation has gone down. Some of you might say the tan i'm getting is disguising it, but that's not the case. The skin itself isn't red anymore. Anyone know why? I was thinking it was because swe
  2. Are you talking about 10% cream or wash? the 10% cream that you keep on will definitely be too strong that it'll just dry your skin out. However, 10% benzoyl peroxide washes or bars should be fine because you wash it off after a few minutes. You could always try those.
  3. Use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo as a body wash. My back acne is a lot clearer because most body acne is a fungal issue, and the zinc in the shampoo is antifungal. I would also get Selsun Blue, another shampoo, so that the back acne doesn't become resistant to just the zinc.
  4. It started around 6 months ago. I think I've found out that its a fungal issue, because before when I used Head and Shoulders Shampoo, it worked for a while. I think it stopped working because the fungus became resistant, so I bought Selsun Blue which has selenium sulfide (a strong antifungal), and it has been clearing my shoulder and back acne significantly. I really hope this works, because right now, I can see myself being clear in less than a month. I would definitely buy both Head and
  5. hahah you guys are all great. despite the bad aspects of acne, you really do get the opportunity to learn how strong you can be. and to whoartthou, i have pretty bad acne on my back, so it's not like a little blemish. There are around 8 big pimples on each shoulder blade, with scaring on my whole upper back. I'll be honest, I also don't see people with acne as bad as me wear tank tops, but i'm hoping that people who do have it, see me and get the confidence to as well. I'm not saying i
  6. Thank you guys! I wore a tank top to school today, and I only got compliments on my muscles hahaha. So to anyone feeling self conscious about acne limiting their wardrobe, please don't be afraid to wear whatever you want. I think most people know that acne is common, and that it will go away one day. When you look back on the days you had acne, you'll realize how silly you were for making an effort to try to hide it. Also, this applies to girls, too. There is this one girl who I found was very a
  7. Hi guys, i'm actually a guy who's been lifting for a while and would like to wear a tank top in the summer. However, I have acne all over my upper back and shoulders. I don't think it's cystic, but there's lots of postules (i think). Would it be strange for an athletic guy to show his bacne? or should i wait till the acne goes away? thanks hahah i'm still in the self conscious stage right now
  8. I've recently noticed that right after I do bench press, the part of my shoulder blade that is feeling most of the pressure develops at least 3 new pimples. The pimples are pink, hard, and underneath the skin. Normally, there will be none that will grow there. It's only on the days I bench press. I don't know what to do. I'm not going to stop weight lifting or doing bench press, but I don't know understand why my skin decides to create a pimple from the pressure. It's never done that before and
  9. Thanks for the reply guys! This forum is so helpful! I will definitely maintain my regime right now, as the shoulder acne i have is getting better. however, it seems to be transferring to the middle of my back now. Nonetheless, thank you guys!
  10. What type of soap are you using? if it's just normal soap, i would stop using it and replace it with an antibacterial soup. Folliculitis is an infection (correct me if i'm wrong) so Triclosan in soap can actually help. I have pretty bad acne that is a lot worse than yours, but i continued to use my antibacterial soap with benzoyl peroxide. The soap i use is called Dial Antibacterial Body Wash, and i recommend trying it out. Don't expect results immedietly, give it like 2 weeks at least. Also, st
  11. Thanks for the response. And no, I have not changed detergents or use fabric softeners. I'm also 17 and a guy, so I guess this could be caused by hormones. Almost everytime I get hit somewhere, a pimple will immedietly form..why's that? doesn't seem like normal acne...
  12. Woo first post on this site. 6 months ago, my back was clear: no acne, no blemishes, nothing. However after my soccer season ended, i got a tiny bit of acne on my back. I was like "oh well, no big deal", but it has transformed into some pretty nasty stuff. It's mostly concentrated on my shoulder blades now and is a problem when I carry a backpack or lift weights. I tried head and shoulders, but it only worked for 3 weeks, then stopped. I've been using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and dial a