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    I am a big movie fan and I write trailer reviews as a hobby for a website called Movie Farm. I am also an Illustrator and I have another job in a call centre.

    My other interests are music, art, videogames, books, keep fit and culture.

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  1. It sucks when products are discontinued here in the UK. Good luck with your search!
  2. It can be difficult to work with others who have better skin. You can learn to live with it though but it takes time.
  3. Yep, we've all been through it mate. There are times when I don't want to go out and I avoid meeting friends for drinks and events. Acne and scarring can really mess up our lives.
  4. Same as me mate, I was actually spot free for a couple of months. Now I have a few spots again and I am hoping one of them in particular will not leave a dark hyper pigmentation mark when it goes. Some people do act like real idiots when they see our faces. Life is hard enough without having to deal with these skin problems.
  5. I feel you man! Like the other posters here I know what it's like to cancel meetings with friends, reunions etc. I also have a similar history to you. I had clear skin until I was around eighteen and then I started to get spots. Things changed during my mid-twenties as I had few spots but some scars I could live with. Then the acne became really bad when I started a new job and it stayed for almost the entire two years I spent working there. Now I have some big indented scars which are a has
  6. Lol, they are out there. You just need to have the courage to try and find them but I know it's difficult.
  7. I know how you feel buddy and I understand the fear that when you ask a girl out she will reject you because of your skin. My last relationship also ended in 2010 and thankfully the girl I was dating was cool about my skin. Me and my mum are really close so I talk to her about my skin when it's getting me down and she is a good listener. I don't talk to the rest of my family about it that often though. Dating is hard enough these days as finding the right partner takes time and a lot of trial a
  8. I lost my virginity when I was around sixteen. Some of my close male buddies I've known since school never had girlfriends and got laid. One of them met a girl and they've been together for years now. Another who is the same age as me (33) just recently met a girl and things are going great. A third guy I used to work with who is around 28 yrs old never had girlfriends and had trouble with dating. Just recently I found out he has been in a relationship with a girl for a couple years, they are en
  9. rockmeamadeus, you look great and I think you are very attractive! I sympathise and I am sure we all know how you feel. I have had acne problems since my teens and now I am 33 and still dealing with it. Oily skin, indented scars, hyper pigmentation and the odd cyst are a hassle to deal with. I wish I just had the indented scars you have and none of the other issues. I think you look really good and I hope one day you will see what I and the other posters here see which is a lovely looking wo