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  1. I was wondering is it suppose to be yellow and wet/thin kind of and have a somewhat banana smell too it? lol just really want to know is it suppose to be thick like the bp gel or like wet...? I haven't used it yet but I want to .. and also does dans bp gel AND AHA+ EXPIRE???
  2. Hey guys i made a big mistake on the regimen... I know i shouldnt have but i was too impatient.. I started the regimen a couple of days ago and i didnt quiet follow it right.. I used the full amount of benzoyl peroxide and now my skin is really starting to flake hard on my cheeks i done tried everything to get it off... I just want to know should i restart and start it slow like dan reccomends or will my skin develope any tolarances? My skin is super dry and i made a stupid mistake.. Im trying t
  3. that sounds like a good idea but i mean does it really matter if i wear spf i prefer not to because im hardly in the sun lol like seriously when i excercise or do my workouts its in a gym or at night when its sunset
  4. Okay guys so im having so much difficulties with moisturizers.... I dont know which ones to go with... It seems like every moisturizer with an spf 15 leaves residue all over the place and it doesnt sink in or absorb well with dans BP i have tried olay complete spf 15 sensitive skin and it doesnt moisturize very good i always add the 5-6 drops of jojoba oil and it still doesnt do its job... so i quit using that moisturizer now im currently using L'oreals active daily moisture spf 15 and it moistu
  5. Whats up peoples i need a lil help today im trying to figure out what the hell the marks are on my cheeks and what i can do to get rid of these fuckers.. lol Been on the regimen for about a month .. I have dans AHA+ also i just havent used it yet would it help with these marks... Any help would be great !!
  6. i have these little red spots on top of my forehead and on both of my cheecks is where its really bad pleasr somebody tell me what it is and how i can treat it ive been using the regimen and everything is fine i havent broke out for the past month but i cant figure out how to make these red spots go awaywhat are they dark spots or what kind of scars? idk if i should get mederma or meladerm pleade help pleade please please please help!!! here are pics http://s11.postimage.org/3selnomyb/IMAG