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  1. Milk of Magnesia seems to be wonderful. However I read that some of the effects will make your skin feels "tight"? Doesn't this mean it's a bit drying? I think my problem is my skin is so dehydrated and unable to restrain enough water on the skin, thus the oil gland produce excessively. While it seems the milk of magnesia will help my skin to be less oily, but doesn't it also mean it's actually doing more damage to the root cause?
  2. Hey all, So I have extremely oily skin in combination of dehydrated skin. I suspect that my skin is so dehydrated that my body is overproducing oil to compensate. The thing is I'm at loss on what to do. I drink at least 2L of water each date, applies Sebamed Moisturizing Gel morning and night, and it still feels extremely tight and dry after washing with Sebamed Liquid Body & Face wash. Anyway I'm get recommendations on how often I should wash my skin. Most will suggest the 1x or 2x s
  3. *update* After a few days of painful sitting and getting up, I notice the pain lessen considerably today. When I checked the blister, it turns out the WHOLE red blister turns black! In the first pic it was just a red blister with blackhead, but I guess the blood has spread and it completely freaked me out. Anyway I steriled a needle and poked. A considerably amount of blood poured but the "size" has gotten smaller now.. though it's still black with slight bumps. I'm not sure if it means I
  4. I think i've a cyst on my butt. It's EXTREMELY painful especially when I sit down and when I get up. It's tender to touch though there are some hard areas too. I'm not sure what to do about this since I have to get rid of this quickly (it's making my life miserable). Below is the link to the pic. I notice there are "black tips". Are those blood that dried out? Should I try to poke it with a strelised needle so that the blood/pus can go out? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/151/cyst.jpg
  5. Hey! "Human oil generator" Puaj! It's so disgusting. Better try another thing as "Brighty Skin as the Sun". Even if you'd put "factory" I guess sounds better than "generator".



  6. I'm on accutane but I dont feel any depression. I think people are exaggerating it =\ You should try low dosage accutane first.
  7. I wouldnt but that's because I'm an acne sufferer myself. If after seeing your picture (no acne is visible) and they want to meet you while you say "I have acne" but they still want to meet you, it's either they really dont care or they dont believe you actually have acne (if this sentence makes sense). I tried dating a girl whom I met online.. she was pretty but very possessive and threatened to commit suicide if I left her. That was such a traumatic experience! Tons of guys live around you
  8. Hm... about the oil problem, you can try oc8 or low-dosage accutane. The rest I'm not so sure. Good luck!
  9. I'm on mini-dose accutane to keep the oil under control. Without moisturizer, my skin isnt flaky or dry. The only problem is my lips but with lip balm, it's not really an issue.
  10. i cud change the color if u d want ;)

  11. well well we share the same avtar!

  12. Hi, I too was scared of the side effects of acne. I started off with 20 mg and it's been a month now. I have to say I'm happy with the results. My oil production is minimal and I dont break out as often. I say "as often" because I still do get the occasional acne especially around the ears area. But seeing that my skin is 10x better than a month ago, I'm pleased. I've been considering to move the dosage up.. but since I'm still a student, I want to be able to focus. Right now the only side ef
  13. I really dont get this. I've been on the accutane for 2 months and since then, acne rarely appears except for small ones. Yet the areas around and behind my ear are worst than ever now. The sideburn area and behind both ears have at least 2 big nodules each. Not sure what's causing this since I wash that area twice a day too. I do sleep sideways so may be that contribute to the irritation but this is way too bad for a simply irritation =( I've been using SA and BP to treat the areas but so fa
  14. Ask him what his wildest sex fantasy is and make it come true. Tell him it has to involve only you because most dreams have multiple women in it