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  1. Still have acne....

    1. Man this whole acne thing has seriously made me realize how shallow I am. I never thought that I was a shallow person, I always loved everyone, I am not exactly the most picky person in the world, and I hardly notice other peoples imperfections. So why do I say that I was or probably still am shallow?? Cuz when I got acne, it actually ruined all of me!! I was so afraid of how people are gonna think of me umm more like acne=bad person. I realized that I had to rely on my looks to get people t
    2. I haven't even been updating because I have been experimenting on my skin. I have good results with putting a few drops of tea tree oil on the tomato garden toner from burt's bees. Right now, I have NOOOO active zits. don't know how long it is gonna last but damn I'm happy!!!!! My face is sooo used to cysts and pustules. I still have lotsa red marks and scarring but I should be happy that right now I don't have active zits!! Gta write this one down before it starts breaking out again..hope not!
    3. I know wut u mean! i have been eating tooooo much chocolate lately! i really gotta stop! yeah i use 100% tea tree oil. i don't put a lot though since I don't wanna be totally dependant on the topical. but i love love how it tingles on my face hehehe i know some people hate that but i really like it. juss don't forget to put moisturizer afterwards
    4. I don't know if anyone has tried this...but I have been doing this for the past three weeks and it's been doing okay for me. I stopped using BP and replaced it with tea tree oil. I soak my cotton with the tomato toner and add a couple of drops of the tea tree oil, and then let it absorb on my skin. It stings a little though.. Afterwards, I juss put a tiny amount of the tea tree as a spot treatment. I still have zits but it doesn't go very big anymore and goes away much quicker than using th
    5. For antony, was ring 2 any good??? i wanna see amytiville!!! But on the real it really confuses me how some people, after they die stay here and some move on....really mysterious.
    6. For the record, this is my opinion and it doesn't mean that it I think that I am correct or wrong in what I am saying, this is juss how i perceive things. God gave us the gift of free will; he gave us the capacity to think for ourselves, love others, and enjoy life freely. Because of that, we are human and therefore not perfect. I think a lot of people suffer because our life isn't meant to be perfect and some suffer because of other people's consequences. For me, I believe that God wants us
    7. I bought this stuff on the shopping network and have been using for the past couple of weeks and this stuff is really good!! I have very oily skin that not even the QUeen Helene mask can really stop it. But this stuff is called the Orchid gel and goes on like satin smooth and helps keep the oil away for hours! I woke up today at 7:30 and it's 11 hours later and my face isn't oily. I'm not sure though how it affects my acne (active ones) or if it breaks me out but so far it hasn't. I'm not sure
    8. As for me, I don't use my religion as an excuse or even as an explanation to anything. It really is hard to explain this whole God situation especially to the people who don't understand where I am coming from, but I do also believe that God has a plan for me. Juss because my life isn't perfect doesn't make me believe any less, actually, it helps me more with my faith because it is only through our suffering when we understand a little bit better about life. I can understand why people would
    9. I love the burt's bees products esp the tomato soap and toner. the only thing i can complain about it which is kinda weird and funny is that there is always at least one fruit fly flying around my face! I think it is the vanishing creme that i put because it smells like bananas! it gets kinda annoying hehehe