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  1. Accutane changed my life in all aspects

    Back in highschool, I used to have really bad, uncontrollable acne. I've tried almost everything; topical creams, face masks, oral meds, doxycycline, etc. My face was so oily, gross and cakey as well, because of makeup. It only made it worse. My parents decided to take me to a dermatologist. My derm said I had moderately severe hormonal acne back then, so she prescribed (Ro) Accutane 20mg. I was 15 (f) at the time and I took it for 5 months. I didn't know anything about it. My derm mentioned onl
  2. You can't not wear makeup in your own house?! 😦, for me, my house is like my escape. I can take a break from covering up these things. Yeah I was cakey before I gotta admit, but there was one day I couldn't find my pressed powder, so I only put little bit of concealer as I only wear powder with moisturiser and sunscreen. I was nervous to go to school that day cos I barely had any coverup on! 😖 But they looked like they didn't care about my face at all so it was all good. The next day I started
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. If it makes you feel better, I have severe cystic acne and no friends at all. I've never had a single friend my whole life. Maybe one. Be glad that you have someone to talk to about your acne. Part of my aftermath was unduly caused by the effects that my acne had on my self-concept and thinking. My acne was also responsible for other health concerns. But here's how I see things. I don't let realities like this ruin my life. Instead, when I feel
  4. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Try and get at least 8 hours of sleep
  5. I haven't tried Clarisonic, and I don't really want to anymore. I've decided to stick to Accutane for now. Hey, thanks for sharing your story. I saw your pictures and I nearly cried. I saw your after pics and they look so much better. I'm really happy for you that you got your confidence back. Acne kills our confidence, but with patience, and perseverance, it will eventually get better. I hope. And I'm not trying to worry about it too much, cos what you said is true. Thanks and good luck.
  6. I have tried like almost everything. Different soaps, cleansers, moisturisers to face masks, acne treatment cream bull****, lemon juice, toners, and oral medications that did nothing like doxycycline, Prednisolone which is a horrible steroid(although it calmed redness, but not acne) and I was even close to trying out ProActiv!! But I am on Accutane 20mg right now. When I get clear, I will seriously punch the hell out of that kid.
  7. I am on Accutane right now and before that i had EXTREMELY OILY skin. Like oily when I woke up, at school, anytime. But I have really dry skin now as accutane dries it out. I wash my face once a day, sometimes with a bit of Hamilton wash to just water.
  8. Let alone my guy friends. I have acne on both cheeks and a big effin cyst on my effin nose. I look like Rudolph!! (You can laugh if you want) Although one of my girl friends have acne like me.. But WHY ME!!!!!???? I can't cover it up with a bit of makeup cos I'd look like a cake.
  9. Maybe you should ask your derm about Accutane. It's an oral medication for moderately-severe to severe acne.
  10. 20mg/day. Day 24 SIDE EFFECTS SO FAR: - Dry lips (sometimes cracks and bleeds a lil) - Dry, peeling skin - IB (initial breakouts) I use Lucas Papaw Ointment for my lips (and for other stuff like blisters, cuts, cysts, etc) Awesome stuff.
  11. Look up water theraphy on google. It helps.
  12. Good luck! I'm on 20mg too and I am on my 3rd week now. If you're worried about the side effects, then don't worry too much. The most common side effects are dry lips and dry skin (face).