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  1. From Logonwood skin care on e-bay try e-mailing Richard at [email protected] . He will respond promptly.
  2. Hi Homer. Glad that you have healed really well from the excision . I am not sure about what you could do with the hole , you could try 25% TCA on hole and see if you find any improvement. You cannot go really wrong with this ,main risk being hiperpigmentation ,which would not look very bad on a small hole.
  3. That is right Maya , I am avery happy with results. Glad that you are also seeing good results, you will continue to see even more improvement over time. It is exactly one year since my first excision, and the scars have been improving all the time, slowly but surely.
  4. Hi All, Quick update on my progress with TCA CROSS: I have been using 25% TCA ,initially every week and now every two weeks. The result so far has been very good. The results have been so good that I am not even tempted to try 50% TCA or any higher. The scars have become very shallow . The prominent scars left on cheek now are the lines from excision which are more pronounced now ( because scars have filled in) and half an inch scar on my right cheek. My next treatment would be TCA
  5. Maya, I did not dilute it ,just came as 25% TCA
  6. Hi Maya, You frost and scab the same way as 50% TCA. The downtime is very low ,I applied TCA friday evening and by Monday evening 90% of the scab fell off. The seller recomended every two weeks , but i am trying it every week , see how it goes ,will keep you updated. The annoying part of TCA CROSS for me is applying it. There seems to be a lot of scars on the face generally,but when trying to apply the TCA to pits ,they magically disappear.
  7. Hi Tarmik, I used the Q -tip applicator , for the scars , I do not know how to classify scars (icepick, rolling etc). My scars are moderate ,not to deep and not to shallow. Buh with TCA CROSS some scars seemed to have totally disappeared, It is hard to believe. teckpu, As imbue said glycolic acid does not have the same effect as TCA as TCA is classified as medium depth peel and glycolic comes under light peel.
  8. Hi everyone, My experiences with TCA CROSS -update. I started with 25% TCA couple of months back ,prehaps one of the first ones to self experiment with CROSS , I did three rounds of CROSS, and because of hyperpigmentation discontinued it. I restarted last week and since then done two rounds. I t has worked very well this time. The scars have improved very well, almost up to skin surface level. I did not do anything different this time around to notice such improvement. PReha
  9. That is very good news Maya. I am going to start my 25% TCA regime every two weeks from now on, I think the risk of hyperpigmentation is not so significant if the improvement in the scars is really good.
  10. Denise , I cannot say that I have a definite improvement with TCA CROSS. Maya, my scars looked really bad, dark brown and deep soon after the TCA. I have been off TCA for a month and my skin has returned back to normal colour and it does not look any worse than pre TCA. I think 50 % TCA is too strong for darker skins. I am going to experiment 25% TCA on just one scar and see if that brings about any improvement.
  11. I have just come back from holiday and I would like to share my experience with TCA. I did the spot treatment (CROSS) with 25% TCA. I did it every week for three weeks,and have given it up since then(about a month ago) because of severe hiperpigmentation. I am not sure how much improvement I have had from the three treatments The hyperpigmentation has diappeared now and I am thinking of restarting again,prehaps alternate weeks. Denise , from your experience which the quickest method of
  12. Eddy , I haven't heard my derm say that excision does not work on oily areas. but then i did not have excision done on my oily areas(my oily areas are forhead,nose and chin) and I do not have any scars on my nose or chin and very few shallow scars on my forhead. I can ask my derm about it when I meet him next,but it could be too late for you.
  13. Interesting Arnold.......(name too long) ,because I have also ordered 25%TCA from him. Why have you not started using it? How do you intend to use it (full application or CROSS )
  14. Hi leo, I had simple excision ,The stiches came off on the fifth day and my skin looked great on that because of the swelling.Once the swlling comes down ,the scars re appear ,but there are shallow ,but would look more prominent because of the red marks. I an a woman so I could hide the marks to some extent with makeup. Regarding whether to go for excision 42 days before the wedding. 1. If the number of scars are less then go-ahead. 2. Since you have 42 days before the wedding ,y
  15. Thanks Maya and Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow