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  1. Thanks again everyone! Every post helped me in figuring out what I would do.
  2. Hello again! Before I begin, I want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post. Yesterday and the day before I was really hurt and felt humiliated because of my what my co-worker had said about me. I decided that it was better if I talked to her alone, and not make it more of an issue at work. Things would probably be different though if someone that I didn't like said that about me. Anyway, when my coworker showed up to work, I saw her and I asked my supervisor if I had permi
  3. I would understand if I messed around like that with her, but she is not my friend (obviously not). She is my co-worker. I don't even talk to her outside of work.
  4. The problem that I have with her statement is not that she said I wear make up. My problem is that she said she didn't want to see me without it. In other words, she said that I probably looked fucked up without it. I'm sorry but being humiliated and actually being annoyed by it is not making it a big deal.
  5. Yeah it sucks. They do know we are close. We even freaking went to eat together for lunch with another co-worker yesterday. It was something that we had planned together earlier that day. Anyway, I don't think I can talk to her the same way anymore though. I won't know until I talk to her tomorrow.
  6. What hurts me more is that she humiliated me in front of everyone. If she would have been more discrete, I probably wouldn't feel so bad. I mean, everyone at work heard!!!!!!
  7. I only use liquid foundation, the color of my skin. I use the kind that isn't oily. I was actually told it looks good on me. Anyway, her comment is messed up, but I don't get why she would try to hurt me. I haven't done anything to her. In fact, I'm always the one that she goes to whenever she wants to vent. By the way, the problem here is not that I am a guy that wears make up or that I suffer from anorexia. I don't suffer from it, but since I know food makes me break out, I don't want to ea
  8. Hello. I didn't want to talk about this with anyone, but I don't know what to do. It is bothering me so much! A co-worker of mine that is supposed to be my friend humiliated me in front of everyone yesterday at work. I still can't believe she said that. I was getting ready to help a customer, and all of a sudden I heard, "I wouldn't want to see _____ (my name) withouth makeup" and then I heard the worst....giggles! She said it so loud that when I heard it, I kind of paused my walking from being
  9. The lotion has a reputation of clogging people's pores? It's not doing that for me! I am sticking to it because it is the one moisturizer (from the dozens I've tried) that has made my face look so much better!
  10. I recently bought Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion w/ Pump, and I love it! It has really helped the appearance of my skin. My red marks are slowly fading away! I use a lot of this moisturizer because I love the way it feels on my skin. It penetrates smoothly, and since it is 100% Fragrance Free, it doesn't irritate my skin like other products. I highly recommend you try this product. By the way, they also have it in a gel form, but I prefer the lotion. By the way, my skin r
  11. Does anyone else hate mirrors and cameras? I can't stand looking at mirrors! I still have to look at it to get ready, but after I am ready, I try so hard to avoid any contact with a mirror. Mirrors are my worst enemies! To top that off, I hate any type of camera! I can't stand the idea of someone else having access to images of myself. I myself can't even stand looking at pictures of myself! Everytime someone shows me a picture that I am in, I pretend I see it, but I am not even looking at me. I
  12. I agree with you on that! We can't just dwell on our skin problem. We have a life to live people!
  13. Smiling is a great feeling! I hope more people smile more and stop feeling sorry for themselves too!
  14. Hello! I am tired of feeling sorry for myself and won't let anything ruin my day today. I'll pretend I was born again and start a new life today. I have a green mask on right now, and after I take it off, I will smile when I look at myself in the mirror; then I will do what I have to do! Enough of this feeling sorry for myself!