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  1. I havent been using any sort of treatments besides the mint julep mask for the past year....only because I was sick of breaking out from trying new products and the mask kept my skin semi decent/ helped bad breakouts. But about 2 weeks ago I gave into all the rave reviews at makeupalley and tried the aspirin mask. The first time I tried it I decided it was too gritty so I mixed it with the mint julep mask to make it more mask-like. The first week I didn't see much... but it didnt break me out at
  2. how is everyday minerals when it comes to oily skin and coverage? i ordered the samples yesterday but am curious of what you guys think?
  3. does anybody know of anything besides birth control that can help control breakouts around your period? my skin wouldnt be as terrible if it werent for hormonal breakouts.
  4. im going to try this too ....well only my forehead for now.....just in case it breaks me out way bad.
  5. i did it everynight for almost two weeks. i should of stopped sooner because it broke me out immediatly. oh i did one part acv 8 parts water. (1:8 ratio)
  6. seriously stop writing about it on a message board and get your ass to the doctor fast! you should of gone as soon as possible. when i was younger i got chemicals that were in our garage in my eyes and my parents immediately took me to emergency care and they were able to take care of it. there are things they can do....trust me what i got in my eyes was probably 20 times worse than hibiclens.
  7. My skin has been pretty nice to me lately and I wanted to try something for red marks so I tried ACV. Mistake! I hate how I always get it under control and try something new to get rid of red marks and it just makes it worse. So yeah, just my experience with ACV. Other stuff that did this was hibiclens, milk of magnesia, clean and clear bp. If products like that broke you out I wouldnt try this stuff.
  8. i cant believe people would support slaughtering birds for their skin. EMU OIL IS FAT STRIPPED OFF A DEAD BIRD.
  9. i tried it and didnt like it. the lightest color was seriously really orange on me .... than again i am super pale. no breakouts, though. haha nd i meant to write very rarely they have it at fred meyers put only in a refill compact and in like on color. so i bought mine off their website.
  10. i actually just use my fingers...or a makeup sponge. you cant try a brush if you want, but it would probably apply unevenly.
  11. i use a very small amount, a little bit can cover your whole face. you can tell if you use too much if it is chalky and white.
  12. i read cruella22's thread on the makeup forum and decided to try milk of magnesia as a mask and a primer. i love this stuff!!!! it was like 3 bucks and you use the kind with out sugar. okay so as a mask it sucked up oil! and it makes my skin smoother and it looks like its dulling redmarks. no new break outs either. and as a primer before makeup, it keeps my makeup on ALL DAY. like i usually get oily about an hour or two after i apply my makeup, i didnt even consider blotting until 6pm (i put my
  13. for those who tried.. panoxyl or persagel?