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  1. I've got some red marks/spider veins left over from acne so I'm having laser treatment for them to be removed, which my dermatologist seems to think will wk...
  2. I've been off accutane for 2 months now after a 6month course. I still have clear skin. I really don't want it to come back. Before my acne was horrible and made me so upset and I just didnt like seeing anyone or goin out. If my acne comes back I would definately not hesitate to go on another course. Life without acne or so much better
  3. My acnes now gone thanks to roaccutane and I've definately got a lot more male attention. Maybe its because I do look better without acne or maybe just because I have more confidence who knows. But without acne I feel miles happier and has helped me so much more.
  4. Recently my derm has increased my dose to 40mg and I need like 10-12 hrs of sleep a day just to feel normal. Even after that much sleep my energy slumps in the afternoon and feel really tired, so much so I often end up falling asleep for a couple of hours... could this be anything to do with accutane??
  5. I've heard that aloe vera helps red marks? Has it worked for anyone else??
  6. yeah my derm told me that its 1mg for every 1kg the average users are on it for about 6 months, however does depend on serverity mine was very servere but badenough but VERY persistent and I'll have been on it 6 months by september
  7. thanx! how long do u reckon u should spend on a sunbed on each session?
  8. I know I've heard that you shouldn't, but people still do it right? I'm thinkin' of going on a sunbed this week but don't know if I should and if I do, how much does it take before you burn. I'm on 40mg a day. Hope someone can answer for me! thanx
  9. yeah I've drank on accutane even though it tells you not to. I hadn't been drunk in agesss so I thought what the hell but................I felt sick and sluggish for 3 days afterwards, I dunno if it does any major damage but once in a while should be ok
  10. I have red marks that NEVER leaves, I have about 3 marks that look like spots and just won't go away!!!
  11. I don't think life will ever be perfect. Once one thing goes away your faced with another problem to obssess over. Because I'm nearly clear (thanks to accutane) I obssess over college, what I'm gonna do with my life, wonderin' if people like more or not, weight etc the list goes on. Who knows, maybe one day life will be perfect...depends on my definition of perfect I suppose...
  12. YES, I've become less tolerant towards people. I fell out with my mate the other week and she is increasingly annoyin me which I used to put up with but now I'm like grrrrr. And my family are pissin' me off more, well they always did! but more so lol
  13. I'm on my 6th week of accutane. For the first 3 weeks I didn't get any new spots, but recently I'm gettin' some new ones, that are quite sore. I thought you stopped breaking out on accutane?? or am I wrong?
  14. I only wear make up if I go out like to a club or summat. I only wear concealer cos make up makes my skin 10 times worse when I take it off and come out in spots the next day...
  15. gawd all you guys are scarin me! I drink at weekends but I only have like 2 drinks at the very most- I won't be affected will I????