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  1. I used to have some bad acne, Accutane took care of it so far (Knock on wood) it's been about a year. Anyways, my face started to really dry over the last 2 months and I've been taking two showers a day and washing with cetaphil followed by some aloe moisturizer I like from Vaseline because it doesn't clog me! What can I do to get rid of this dry face?
  2. I just got a membership to tan in a salon. It's a lay down bed. I'm unsure of what tanning lotion to use. I know that there is certain moisturizers that are good for you, but anyone know of any tanning lotions that wont cause acne? I'm 16 male.
  3. Hey guys, usually whenver I shave my pubes I get ingrown hairs. I wanted to reshave because my electric buzzer doesnt work good. Is there anyway I can shave my pubic hair and not get ingrown hairs? I tried using a new raiser...how should I do it?
  4. i am into working out alot and i dont think i got anything from the machines or anything, some of these red dots of pus in them, i dunno if its acne or heat rash or what theyre slightly raised I NEED THIS CLEARED UP ASAP, WHAT IS IT? see below on pics
  5. hey guys i just got off a course of accutane and now starting to get mild acne on my shoulders, the left ones a bit worse, its the shoulder part of my arm. what is the best way to get rid of it? i need quick replies as my moms going out to store in an hour.
  6. hey guys i have heat bumps from the heat on my upper shoulders, how do i get rid of this shit? i need it gone for a pool party this friday.
  7. hey guys i lift weights and in the last week or so I have noticed little red raised dots on my deltoids (shoulder), it may be folliculitis but am unsure, does anyone know what it is? if so how do i treat this?
  8. hey guys i got all these skin coloured bumps on the back of my biceps and arms, what are they and how do i get rid of them?
  9. I'm 16 and my paediatrician can perscribe it, I've never seen a derm about my acne.
  10. I'm really worried to get it back though man, really worried. Plus I'm getting a tat in a month or so.
  11. I weigh 186lbs. I'm not sure whether to get off after this and get on retin A- but if my acne comes back my life is ruined once again, that is the problem.