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  1. Get a skin sulture done. If noting abnormal, you are most likely not digesting sugars properly. Get a super gentle face wash (I like Spectro Gel) and a good moisturizer if deemed neccessary (I like CeraVe) Don't touch your face, make sure you have soft pillow cases that are clean, double rinse in the washing machine, no fabric soften in the dryer. Add your towels to this load. Go about everything you need to do in your day, and dont worry about your face, it isnt permanent. The stress anxiet
  2. Ask a Naturopath. Just take the result into an office, and ask. They will tell you. Free. More than Likely. Make sure it is a Naturopath, Holistic. And NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR / DERMATOLOGIST (they deal only in poison)
  3. Oily skin is not a problem. One of the key signs of health we look for in the vast majority of mammals is skin oil. Michelle seems to know very well what she is talking about, and I'd trust her advice. Your skin also seems dry and irritated to me also. Untill you get a pair of professional opinions, do not put any chemical anything on your face, and maybe get a good moisturizer (CeraVe for example) I like spectro jel cleanser (purple) Sunscreen sparingly, with other ZINC OXIDE only
  4. Hi again Shelby. It is most probably just scar tissue. Scar tissue isn't as pliable nor does it function like normal skin, it's sort of like a biological permanent plastic bandage. You're best bet would be to actually have it surgically cut out, and hopefully it heals better than when you fucked with it (decent possibility, with a GOOD surgeon and proper after care) Do one at a time in case your skin doesn't heal well from it, and pick a small one to test your surgeons abilities. It is absolutel
  5. The only thing that will improve your appearance is optimal health. If this isn't your primary focus, don't bother bitching when all this chemical ridden shit backfires. I was corrected with the hypertrophic scars, these will unfortunately require some sort of intervention. Chemicals cannot improve your skin quality, only your skin and your health can do that. Proper nutrition, and living as clean a lifestyle as possible, clean air, water, food, mental acuity, etc etc blah blah blah. To
  6. I havent read all these posts, but i read that you had super oily skin, and now it is dry and you are gettign acne. There is only one reason for this that I can think of that can bring these changes so rapidly, and that is poisons. Have you taken any antibiotics recently? These are the worst of the poisons for causing this. I"ll assume (even tho I kno what assuming does) without reading the rest of the posts (only read 3 or 4 lines of your original post) that you indeed HAVE taken antibiotics, a
  7. HOly FUck, Dont fuck around with this shit. THe redness WILL FADE ON ITS OWN FFS. WHy risk damaging your skin, hoping to speed this up? dont be rediculous. Eat healthy, drink healty, live healthy, get some sun, unprotected sun, clean air. Focus on joyful things, and things that require attention (Responibilities) never mind the bit of red on your face that will go away eventually. (If you are DETERMINED TO USE A PRODUCT, AND I DONT RECOMMEND THIS, BUT USE "SKIN LIGHTEN" BY DERMA E - It's for
  8. Acne has nothing to do with your skin on the outside, absolutley nothing. You are kicking th can down the road. This shit yo uput on your face damages your skin, is not good for it. Maybe it removes acne, but it wont prevent them. And if you stop it all comes back anyway. How lkong do you intended to smear chemicals and antibiotics on your face? By the time your 40 you are going to look 60. Work WITH your body not against it. Your face oil is very adapt at deciding what bacteria need to die,
  9. Tip: Your skin knows what it is doing, it is super oily for a reason. Maybe that reason is you're skin is dehydrated, I dont know. What i Do know is the more oil your skin produces, the smoother, and more protected it is. Also gently washing it without chemicals will remove the oil, and the dirt caught by the oil. Your skin will now make more oil, effectively cleaning out your pores, as it comes thru to the surface. WIthout oil production, you CAN NOT HOPE to keep your pores clean, it's impossib
  10. The only thing that has a chance of long lasting results are fecal transplants, which are progressing at lightning speeds due to their efficacy over all medical Rx's.
  11. In reply to Calumma about breast feeding not casuing any damage to your tits, lol. I know personally 3 women (one being my sister) who have an inverted nipple, a nipple that goes "IN" caused directly from breast feeding. Even the doctor says so, it a total possibility (espeacially if you always feed off the same breast) so yes, it can 100% cause degradation to your boobs, but not always. some girls get stretch marks for life, some dont. Just the way it is.
  12. Ladies, Hietea (you sexy b.... you), just wanted to check in and see how your experiment for the betterment (is that a word?) of mankind it doing? And want to reinforce my support behind you girls, I still think this is awesome and am fully hoping for the long term results being benefitial. Keep up the "work" ladies, you are pioneers in this particualr field as no one else has tried this long term and continously reported the results back to the rest of us. And the fact theres more than one of y
  13. I read about this on cruncybetty, but it was still very preliminary, and no one at the time had tried it or posted any sort of progress reports (brave enough to be a guinea pig for the rest of us) I tend to advise against all treatments almost, but this one I could feel ok standing behind, if it turns out to work well enough and not have any negative consequences on your skin later. I applaude you, keep it up. We are ALL hoping for your continued success, of that I'm sure.
  14. I actually bought some colostrum / breast milk off said "black market". It's the only thing that has calmed my bowels after being given enough antibiotics to cure an elephant of menengitis... Unfortunatley It's much too expensive (I paid $80 per ounce colostrum $2 / ounce breast milk) too continue. Athough I'm sure if I made that my diet for some time starting with the colostrum for a few days first, followed by a week or so of just breast milk, then slowly reintroduce food, blended fruits..
  15. Personal recommendation, is to stop with the antibiotics. Lack of antibiotics are not causing your acne. And they are not "good" for you in anyway, potentially harmful. Be careful and monitor for ANY weird changes especially in digestion. (different smelling / looking stool, altered bowel habbits in any way, more gas, feeling of being bloated, not as hungry or hungrier than normal) Monitor your poop religiously. They ar going to gauranteed altered your digestion in some way, highly likely not no