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  1. Wow, it's been a very long time since I have written an entry! Sorry, I've been super busy with my new job, which I actually happen to enjoy! Update Pics: Redness is almost completely gone. Nothing a little makeup can't fix! I currently have one tiny little zit on my chin, but other than that... NADA! I stopped taking the antibiotics once I ran out (around day 50), but other than that, my routine has been the same. My skin completely stopped breaking out after the middle
  2. Haha yeah I broke out pretty hard! Check out my new blog entry. Guhhhh!!! Have you been on Ziana too?
  3. Sorry, lately I've been super busy with job interviews and working, but I always make sure to take pictures. BUT, as I predicted a few days ago, I BROKE THE HELL OUT! It's absolutely fukin' lovely because my birthday is in 2 days! Yay!! FML And the best part is, I don't think I'm done breaking out because I feel new ones surfacing. Can't wait till tomorrow morning to find 20 more new zits!! Ughhhhh!!! Daily Pictures + Info Day 17 Commentary: I don't know if you rememb
  4. I woke up this morning with a big zit on the back of my neck right by my hair line. It kind of hurts but thankfully it's not on my face. I would take a picture of it, but I can't seem to get a good one so I'll just keep you posted on it's "daily activities." I put Ziana on it not too long ago so hopefully it disappears in a few days at most. Daily Pictures Day 15 AM after wash Day 15 AM after wash No difference in redness but I feel like the last of the bumps under my
  5. Wow, I sure was busy this weekend! I worked all weekend and didn't have much time to update the blog, but I made sure to take pictures in the morning Enjoy! Daily Pictures Day 13 AM after wash Day 13 AM after wash Day 14 AM after wash Day 14 AM after wash Day 15 AM after wash Day 15 AM after wash From what I can see, the redness has once again dramatically decreased! Go me!! On day 14, I ran out of the sample of Monodox the doctor gave me so I sta
  6. Last night I went out with a bunch of my girl friends to the local bar and I don't know if I did my makeup really well or if my face looked not bumpy or what not, but I got a "you look beautiful" compliment from an acquaintance. It felt really good! I'm really starting to think the combination of medications the dermatologist prescribed me is spot on! Not gonna lie, I've been pretty worried about breaking out again (as bad as I did on day four) from researching information on my prescr
  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend:)

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      :) You're very welcome! Thank you for accepting! :D
  8. I currently have two zits I really want off the left side of my face, but the right is pretty damn clear. I definitely admit that I look great compared to what I looked like on the 4th-5th day. It's getting there. The redness is slllooooowwwly starting to fade. Thank God!! Day 11 AM after wash Day 11 AM after wash The pictures' lighting taken by the window shows the redness a lot better so I will only take pictures by the window from now on.
  9. Yeah, I totally feel you. I went to the dermatologist thinking the same thing! I absolutely refuse to have acne till I'm 30. Nope, I completely REFUSE. I think it's great that we've finally decided to put our foot down and conquer acne once and for all!
  10. Aww thank you!! Yeah, using makeup to cover up acne and red marks really suck! Haha, I kept adding blotting powder to my face on the train so it didn't look oily. Good luck with the dermatologist on Thursday! I look forward to reading about it!
  11. Okay... It could be my imagination, but it looks like my chin skin hangs a little lower? Haha maybe I'm getting fat! Also, I realized that my white/black heads are slowly coming back on my nose. Eh, good thing I don't really care too much about them. I'm more concerned about the bigboys taking over my face. Daily picture in the same lighting: Day 10 AM before wash Day 10 AM before wash Day 10 AM after wash Day 10 AM after wash Weird, it looks less red in the "
  12. My skin seems a lot "happier" this morning. No new breakouts, my face also seems a lot less red and bumpy. I realized that there is a major difference in how my skin looks before and after my shower (but dumbly, I took the two in different lighting). Therefore, today I've got a good amount of pictures to post. I also decided to post my daily routine so I can stick with it. Also for your viewing pleasure Morning: 1. Eat: Raw spinach and whatever else I feel like eating. 2. Shower: Cetaph