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  1. yes. some agree and disagree. I sugguest y ou read the other threads there is many topics about diet and acne.
  2. i bet uve never had a gf\got pussy in ur life. U seem like a jerk
  3. i've only been eating fruits bascially. I ate cucumber and tomato and fish also. Also, again for all those who think diet does not effect acne. #1- everyone is different, just because your diet does not effect your acne that does not mean anything towards someone else, or at least it shouldnt. #2 if it does not effect your acne, consider yourself lucky because others are effected. So this means celery is off limits?
  4. Ahhh i see. Cool. It's funny i eat fruits all day and no liquids at all and piss like mad haha. But yeah she said fruits contain 90% water sooo obvs thats the reason i think its funny.
  5. I can't believe people still actually think diet has nothing to do with acne. If your body does not produce acne from eating shit, then consider yourself lucky because other people are effected by it. Plus, if you say that diet does not effect your acne, you probably have not crossed the line of actually eating enough shit to see it, or you are lieing. All human examples that i know of, diet effects acne no matter who they are. The only way diet won't effect your acne is if you have a metabi
  6. Is it ok to eat tomato paste? I am from the middle east and we eat a dish that consits of tomato paste with water with peas and carotts and its just like boiled or whatever so the peas and carrotts are soft.
  7. I've been eating basically all fruits and tomaotes and cucumber. I don 't think im doing this right tho. I don't eat any nuts and stuff I eat fruits\veggies\fish.
  8. Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body. Your body dumps its waste through its skin. If you eat healthy, basically you'll be sweating out or "wasting" out healthy stuff instead of french fries and chocolate.
  9. I have nothing to say to that but to tell you to read.
  10. I can eat nuts thats cool. Is it ok to eat spinach? or vegetable juices?
  11. hm I wish canned tuna was acceptable. I'm gonna try to stick to just the fruits\vegetables and see what happens. My acne isn't severe or moderate . It's pretty good i just want to wipe it ALL out. Kitten i wouldn't worry yet. It is still early. I'd give it a week AT LEAST to judge.
  12. i would eat egg yoke but I'm not sure about this hole fresh\salmonella shit man =\ lol..but ill eat all the fruits and stuff and see. I'm reading that list so hold up you can jut get the fat from olive oil...my mom makes spinach salad with onions and tons of olive oil and lemon juice
  13. No nono, i meant that i doubt drinking water 2 hours after a meal will have a big difference then drinking it with the meal. or at anytime
  14. Yea that is true. I have mentioned that before about different people differnt food etc. The thing is I can't see anyone eating junk all day all the time and not having bad acne or at least oily red unhealthy skin. I think some people who don't care about what they eat and don't get zits have really not crossed the line of "not caring" what you eat and how much. Sometimes it's not wwhat you eat but how much of it.
  15. I think it does. My buddy has extreme acne and has had for years. He basically eats chips pops fries donuts. He is extremlly skinny which i find ironic to a point someone made about seeing skinny ppl with acne and fat ppl without. But I do think it matters because he took accutane and is on it still and eats the same garbage he did and he still has his acne. Some cleared up but basically it is making his skin\lips\nose dry and his acne is staying. I think this is because he eats garbage tho
  16. I agree with the hole "drinking water 2 horus before or after" that is just ridiculous. I 100% agree of the diet effecting acne which is all i post about basically on this forum. Although it really isn't wise to complain about other people saying stupid things because this forum is supposed to be here to help and give advice so we all win hah thats my speeeeeeeech
  17. ahhh i seee. thatsss cool. I don't eat raw eggs though haha But I'll do everything else and see. You also lost a sufficent amount of weight? and it's fine to eat tomatoe and cucumber as the fat? or how bout carrotts? or vegetable cocktail
  18. Jimmy, when it sias eat fat after u eat fruit what food are you eating to get this fat. I like trying all different kinds of diets and seeing if they work im willing to try this one. That list you made at the beginning for one day consumption, will that work?
  19. I dont completly understand the diet. So you eat fruits all day as much as you want, a salad that consists of one tomato, a cucumber, avacado salad with lots of olive oil?
  20. yea there are shit loads of ways of explaining why ppl get acne. Although diet does effect it hardcore. If you eat a bigmac that doesn't mean ull see it next day. It could takes weeks for a pimple to form FROM that big mac you ate weeks before. Everyone is different, I know that when i worked at fast food place i would munch out hardcore on bullshit like fries\burgers\shakes all the time i could get zits the next day or 2 weeks after. and yea acne is gay for sure