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  1. Hi, i had an Exoderm done (bad decision) two years ago and i still have some post inflammatory redness, and i want to have Restylane injected, could i have any problem? Has anyone here got Restylane injected in his scars short after a surgery? Thank you!
  2. yeah, seriously....frustrating as hell to think that we can clone huamns but can't fix a measly little scar. sigh.. it's like MD's don't really care they create stuff that isnt even permanent or not a dramatic change it's bullshit everyone is out for money, they do that on purpose so you'll keep coming back for treatments, noone truly cares
  3. yeah, seriously....frustrating as hell to think that we can clone huamns but can't fix a measly little scar.
  4. Too true. I probably need to try and round up everyone who's been burned by this. There is currently a bogus thread about how fabulous this is, so I think it's important for us to take action to prevent others from falling down this hole. Where is everyone? Jasmin? Girliegirl? jgroove? Jasmin, girliegirl, namrobi, whyme? and me had it done and all of us had terrible results. They are probably too depressed to come to this forum. The worst part is when you tell other members about you bad e
  5. You boss Dr Rullan should send plants with higher IQs than yours to the acne forums. Open a book and educate yourself and maybe someday you can get a better job.
  6. You don't see the improvement on your skin until 2 moths later. The first 2 months what you see is swelling. The pics you can see on Dr Rullan's web are clearly taken a few weeks after the procedure. You can still see the redness. I didn't have my Exoderm done by this Dr Rullan but all of the other posters who had bad experiences with Exoderm DID have it done by Dr Rullan or at least by a doctor that performed the chemoabrasion (whyme?). You shouldn't call me names (whinging) if you don't want m
  7. I have no idea if this other site is reputable. Too friggin funny and acne.org has a monopoly on credibility does it The archived version of that site no longer accessible I believe pre dates acne.org by years having started in 2000 and was well known and frequented by many veteran acne.org users. Two persons with good results and about ten with terrible results. Take your own conclusions.
  8. He is obviously talking about his own experience, if you have already made up your mind and have decided to get a dermabrasion, do it, but don't question sword's pain. Dermabrasion has caused him a lot of suffering, scars are difficult to see in photos and pigmentation problems are almost impossible to see. I went through an Exoderm and now i know that resurfacing methods barely work for the scars and can cause more problems. In my case some of my scars are bigger that before. And the rest of th
  9. It wll take months to see the real results so don't worry now
  10. That's really brave. Keep us updated !
  11. I have tried needling a few times and haven't heard any noise either.
  12. No, you are right. Sorry in my post it seems that i am saying that i had it with Dr Rullan, i had it in Argentina. Whyme? didn't have it with Dr Rullan either. For 300 a day i would rather sleep in a suite of a five star hotel. I want to add that the doctor that did my Exoderm told me that the cost of the Exoderm solution and the mask is $500. So Dr Rullan gets a 1000 % profit. That's a good business.
  13. Picture this: Scars are formed by fibrous tissue that keeps the skin from growing back. If you peel a very shallow scar you can get rid of its fibrous tissue completely and then the missing skin can be regenerated. But if the fibrous tissue goes deeper than the peel, then you make the scar DEEPER AND WIDER. That's what has happened to me. All i see now are the same scars with softened borders (the borders of the scar is healthy skin anyway) and deeper scars. The skin tone has improved, but the s
  14. There are many people here disappointed with Dr Rullan, some of them with his treatment, some of them with his behavior. Those photos show post-surgery swelling, which lasts for a couple of months. I had Exoderm myself with no improvement at all and a lot of problems including redness 8 months after the Exoderm.
  15. Maybe i am too sensitive, but it hurts at any level. In the moment the needle begins to pierce the epidermis, it starts to be painful. ok, 2 things i noticed: -Number 1: Scar tissue always makes a popping sound, its very thick and busts when you pierce it unlike normal skin -Number 2: Needling directly on scar tissue doesn't hurt [uncomfortable, but doesn hurt] this is because scar tissue doesnt have nerve endings I dont m
  16. Maybe i am too sensitive, but it hurts at any level. In the moment the needle begins to pierce the epidermis, it starts to be painful.
  17. hmmm, if its proper scar tissue it should make the noise, perhaps your not going deep enough. Let me ask you something, do you draw blood out when you pierce the skin with the needle? I did, and so did everybody else, when blood is drawn, its the same time i hear the popping noise. Yes, i draw blood always, but i don't hear any sound. I try to go deeper but it hurts too much !