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  1. Hi, Have you tried taking Vitamin A and D? I had a breakout the other week and I wondered what had caused it. Then the other day I realised I'd stopped taking my vitamin D (which I'd taken for 6 months to bring my levels out of insufficient range. The reason I stopped is because I was having a test to re-check. Anyway, my results came back in the fantastic range, meaning the supplements working. I started taking them again 2 days ago and spots have all gone mostly again. While it could be a c
  2. Hi everyone, Im going to try taking some Vitamin A. This is what i've purchased. - http://www.healthaid.co.uk/shopexd.aspx?id=2 Is this the type of Vitamin A which is supposed to benefit skin and acne? The dose seems very safe to me. Let me know if you think this is worth a shot and clearing moderate acne that comes and goes. Also, I need to ask my derm if it can be used with antibiotics as it says not to take high dosage. Thanks,
  3. Which supplements work well for you? I currently have COD liver oil, selenium, vitamin c and zinc/copper. Im also wanting to add a Vitamin B Complex - but im worried that this might make my skin more oily - mixed reports on this, some love it some hate it? Also, I could be deficent in one of the B's as I drink heavily 2 days a week - which could over time deplete B vitamins. I also have some symptoms of B deficeny.
  4. Are you using any products that might be affecting your skin? Using BP cream should help you and then use an oil-free moisturiser. When your skin is dry your body pumps out oil on your face, and actually using a moisturiser works by telling your body that you don’t need the extra oil, making acne better. Accutane works great, not sure why you wasn't able to take it? I'd try the above and if it doesn’t work get on the Accutane, as it will more than likely fully cure you from acne. The der
  5. Make sure you use an oil-free moisturiser. You can use as much as you want as it won’t affect your acne in a negative way. A moisturiser takes the dryness away from your skin making it feel smoother and hydrated. Spots can often form because your skin is flaking due to dryness and so using a oil-free moisturiser is a must, it should help reduce your acne. You don't need to put the moistriser directly on acne spots however, just on the areas where you dont have spots.
  6. Do you use oil-free moisturiser? If not then this would make your acne worse for sure, using an oil-free one on the other hand should have a positive effect on your skin. Do you use BP cream? This is good for killing bacteria etc and used for acne treatment. Try taking a multi vitamin and also add 15mg of zinc supplement too. Diet has little to play with acne from what I've researched, perhaps milk and sugar might have a role to play though, so keep those two low in your diet. If that do
  7. You've tried nearly everything and nothing has helped clear your acne, this means your doctor should refer you to a dermatologist who will probably offer Accutane straight away or might possibly want to try you with some antibiotics first. I took Accutane and it works very well. Sure you’ll get a few side effects but nothing that you won’t regret once all of your acne and marks are gone . I can understand fully how you feel - but I once thought that my acne would never go - and it did th
  8. 10% is very strong. You definitely need to use moisturiser (oil free) with that - apply it an hour or so after putting it on or read below about another thing I do. If your face gets too dry then your face will pump out more oil making the problem worse - a moistriser tells your body not to pump out lots of oil as your face is well hydrated. If I was you I'd drop down to 5% BP or go your GP or see dermatologist. I actually use a 2.5% BP and it has something else mixed in it which is much bette
  9. accutane is great for fully getting rid of acne for the majority.. and for most the symptoms are highly barable. I've taken it once years ago, yes I got depressed etc, but once it was over my skin was great. Now I get small amounts of acne on and off (10 years later) I might go on it once more if needed to fully get rid of my small acne outbreaks as I went of my course slightly too early I think. Good to hear it working well for you.
  10. Hi, just thought id drop an update. I've been to the dermatologist and was impressed with him. He offered antibiotics as expected. These will last 4 months or more and gave me a simple regim to use, cream applied at night, moistriser in the morning. Then we'll review if I could benefit from accutane or perhaps my spots will be fine then. He asked if I'd take accutane and I said yes I probably would as I've taken it before. Side effects of it are moderate but worth it imo. Thanks
  11. Been to the dermatologist, he said that high doses of vitamin B or other supplements could make acne worse. However, he highly recommends a multi vitamin containing all things including zinc and magneisum.
  12. I suffer from anxiety and believe I have general anxiety disorder or something similar. Would treating my anxiety possibly clear all acne outbreaks? I dont get bad acne anyway, I use to, just wondering if I can prevent anxiety then maybe no more acne outbreaks?
  13. Hi, please don't take my word for it as I dont have bad acne thankfully at the moment, however, I once did, and still get outbreaks! This looks like whiteheads to me though. If it is, what type of moistriser etc do you use? That can cause whiteheads if you use the oily ones.
  14. Hi everyone, My acne has got slightly worse recently (it's not severe, but I getting regular outbreaks and some are deeper). Seeing dermatologist tomorrow about my acne outbreaks and also my vitiligo. Hoping I'll find some solutions to fully stop my acne and creams for my vitiligo. Wondering if he'll offer antibiotics, doubt he'd offer accutane, but if he did I'd consider it, i've had it before.. Any advice before I go (in a 10 hours)? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I have two tubs of Vitamin B Complex I purchased to use. I currently take 15mg of zinc, 150mg of magneisum and vitamin D. I thought I'd try vitamin B complex for my energy levels and other things, I also read mixed review about it's usefulnes with acne and spots. Some say its great, others hate it and claim to get really bad acne outbreaks from it. Just wondering what your exerpeicne is with it? I've only taken two so far and don't couldn't tell yet if its giving me any extra o