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  1. I have just looked at the list of foods high in phytoestrogens. Yup, I can't and don't eat any of those foods like soy, oats, beans, flax seeds, beer, etc. Pezerinno, I encourage you to definitely stop consuming foods that cause acne. Remember, the acne is just one symptom visible to you. These foods could be negatively affecting your internal body in ways that are invisible right now. It's frustrating to lose weight, but I think there are definitely some solutions for how to maintain weigh
  2. I relate! It's very difficult to maintain weight when we eat so carefully for clear skin. i also avoid nuts, beans, and chocolate. I like to eat avocado and fresh coconut because they are calorie-dense. I also eat a lot of organic fruit because fruit doesn't break me out. In fact the more fruit I eat, the more clear my skin is. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and supper? Do you know how many calories you eat every day? This information can help us give you more feedback as to what yo
  3. I have also learned that acne is a choice caused by our lifestyle. When I eat a clean diet, my skin is flawless. Here are my suggestions for how to eat healthy: Make a plan: take a pen and paper and write down your reasons for eating healthy and how you are going to do it. Make a list of all the healthy foods you are going to eat like apples, berries, kale, cabbage, parsley, water, herbal tea etc. Make a list of all the foods you won't eat like McDonald's, Chinese take-out, cooking oi
  4. I am a vegan, and I would say you have correctly identified the problem. In my opinion, fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables are our most important food source as humans. Legumes, grains, and potatoes are not as essential as leafy green vegetables and fruits. Refined sugar and artificial foods like cooking oils and factory-made "vegan meats" are simply bad for our body. Recommended foods: Breakfast: Practise intermittent fasting, and skip breakfast. Drink water. Lunch: salad wit
  5. How did you test your DNA and what's the process like? I agree that being make-up free is very beneficial. It takes time to get used to it, but actually I feel prettier without it now.
  6. I quit smoking two years ago and it's the best decision ever. I have no regrets. Smoking is a huge burden on the body. After quitting, it's common to experience sickness symptoms like coughing up phlegm, irritability, food cravings, and acne.
  7. A 100% raw vegan diet rich in whole fruits and leafy greens has taken my skin to the best possible level.
  8. I slipped up and now my skin is looking sick again. Time to get healthy again with fresh fruit and leafy green veggies, soft sunbathing, caveman routine, meditation, and contact with nature.
  9. At this time, become aware of the energy in the environment and in the body. Everything that you are feeling right now is the feeling of qi. The vibrations on the tongue, the sensations in the feet, the heart, perhaps some anxiety and worries, the feeling of the mind. It is all life energy. For the most part, many of us live in ignorance of qi and the living energy all around us and within us. Living in this ignorance means we find ourselves resisting the natural life energy. We find oursel
  10. Same here! It's totally unfair. What's life without butter and milk?
  11. Sigh. I'm hating myself so much right now. I am slightly lactose intolerant and can handle the occasional dairy. I recently got the idea that adding a little delicious, high quality butter to my oatmeal wouldn't hurt. I did this for two weeks and now my face is inflamed. I went from clear to having 8 painful nodules on my face. Lesson learned. Are you lactose intolerant? Ever had a similar experience?
  12. Let's see some studies and some facts. Anecdotal "evidence" isn't going to be much use to anyone in this discussion because I might as well assert that I've noticed that black people have more acne that whites.
  13. How come you got acne in Africa. So much sunshine and natural stuff out there. African countries are industrialized as well if you didn't know. I have to take extra care to seek out organic vegetables and pasture raised meat. It is cheaper than in Western countries, but it does require some effort to obtain. As for the sunshine: I do get to sunbathe a lot, that's for sure, but like anyone else with a desk job and an internet connection I don't spend my entire day in the sun. There are a lot
  14. This sounds pretty personal to me. The entire tone of your thread and posts lack empathy. Just take some advise to reflect on your language and your actions.
  15. What I wouldn't give up: a family member, my intelligence, or any of my talents. I'd give up: junk food for life.