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  1. Hey there! I'm a girl and since I started using accutane (almost 2 months) I stopped using foundation and just use laura mercier's tinted moisturizer with spf 20. It works really well for me at covering up the redness on my face. And if you use more layers of it, you get greater coverage. I use the oil-free version just because I had it from before accutane when I had super oily skin. You can get at at sephora or makeup counters at Macy's and such. I hoped this helped! Good luck!
  2. calstu90

    Day 1!

    haha thanks but I'm also really short...5'2" I can't wait till my skin looks as good as yours, you're beautiful!
  3. calstu90

    Day 1!

    Day One Prescribed Claravis 40mg once daily Female, 22 years old Weight: 110lbs Was on doxycycline for a month while waiting to start Claravis. No major active acne right now, I think the antibiotics kept it at bay. Good luck to anyone else on accutane! Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, all I have is by laptop camera right now.