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  1. Thanks for your feedback - I think i will try all of that - I legit just started the stuff im on maybe two weeks ago now so it hasnt had time to do anything but deep down i know it most likeyl wont help - i actually just got a cyst just after i posted this right on my chin again - i have four in the same area. so frustrating
  2. i used to get steroid shots from my dermatologist in them - they actually helped for a few days - not permanently. eventually it would reform. It helped make it go down a bit and then I used makeup to cover it. Happy birthday - I feel your pain.
  3. Two years ago, I was put on accutane. I have severe cystic acne. At one point it got so bad from the accutane and I reached my six months and was so disappointed. It got worse and worse on accutane. But then one day, it started to clear up! It was a miracle, honestly, I was never so happy. Long story short, I had my skin to its normal days... random small break outs that were easy to hide and manageable. I had a zit every now and then with my period and everyone said my skin looked great. An
  4. You are not alone. My skin was acne free and now I just had two cysts appear and won't disappear. I don't want to go back into hiding. This is awful. I feel for you. I don't know why these things happen.