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  1. Lunar, pardon me, but I'm confused....isn't sun (uv) exposure / tanning helpful for pigmentation? Or was that just a preventative for your redness?? I am planning on getting some sun in the next couple of months - it seemed to help after my dermabrasion. Let me know your thoughts. Sword, reality bites but I fear you may be right!
  2. Nice of you to pop in on the scar forums G. IIRC from one of your posts a while back, didn't you needle once a week for almost a year followed by a series of peels to eliminate your scarring? I'd almost give that a shot but I have way to many scars and not enough time to do that.
  3. What about all the feedback on this board? It seems overwhelmingly positive in recent posts (unless I've missed something). It's all so confusing! I've had about a 15% or so improvement in my scars from 4 fraxel treatments which is around what I expected. However, I have had some pigmentation problems after having a dermabrasion and then the fraxel treatments. I am glad that you are seeing good results with this. Just to quantify....how would you rate your improvement on 1 to 10
  4. Hi Jayjay, I had been getting some weak cortisone injections for the BA lumps. It is an extremely slow process to shrink the lumps this way. However, I am concerned about tissue atrophy injecting too much cortisone or if my doctor happens to miss. For some of my smaller lumps, I had thought of injecting saline into them, thus dissolving the implant and massaging it to spread the BA out more evenly. Do you think this might work (without actually physically removing the BA)? Was it really a
  5. Thanks for that link sword. I've had 3 full face fraxels right down to the jaw and chin line, and one spot treatment. I've terminated my fraxel treatments indefinitely.
  6. Hey sword: Glad you are out of your abyss and finding strength from within. I may be in a similar boat with you and Hopeful after my fraxels. The fraxel is supposed to be safer than dermabrasion but technically at the levels my "progressive" doctor was treating me at, the fraxel penetrates much deeper than the wire brush. The laser is only supposed to cover about 15-20% of your face, sparing the rest of your healthy skin, so I thought it would be okay and safe. I just noticed a few weeks af
  7. Hi sword, I'm sorry you've been through hell the past year. I do hope you can at some point get on with your life and put it behind you. I appreciate you warning darker-skinned folks about the real risks of dermabrasion. Because of you, I decided against having another dermabrasion. Well, that and hurricane katrina put a kink in my plans but that's besides the point. I don't plan on having another one period. Also, I think any type of resurfacing procedure now poses a greater risk for me t
  8. You're beating a dead horse. Let it go... Keepin the peace....they should make you a moderator butterflies
  9. Wow you might be the first person I've heard of who actually purchased an Almond Joy out of his own free will. I remember getting asked why my face was so red from <insert ablative procedure here>...like you, I used to have a whole laundry list of excuses in my back pocket but now I've gotten used to just telling everyone that i had whatever procedure done. I definitely don't think you're vain for trying to improve your scarring. I don't know about the mofo part since I don't pers
  10. I couldn't agree more friend. I think everything is pretty much a crapshoot (risk/benefit), even temporary fillers. Case and point: I was happy with collagen. Then one time I had collagen injected into a vein in my temple. It bled and bruised and oozed for a week and I had to explain that I was crushed in the head in a kickboxing match. On that bright note, thanks for guineau-pigging yourself with the PSR3. Hope it works out for you. Please keep us updated. salud, kooky
  11. Hi all. Quickie update... I've suspended my fraxel treatments after my 4th a couple of weeks ago. I had some mild lightening of my skin after my dermabrasion and I think the fraxel has made it worse. so i'm givin my skin a break and hoping that some of the color returns. still see moderate improvement, especially on my shallower scars after my fourth. not much improvement on the deeper ones...will need subcision/fillers for those probably. again, it's only been a couple weeks. i'll come ba
  12. Thanks Floridaguy...that's good to hear that your improvements are holding from 6 months ago. As far as I know, it is OK to have Fraxel after BA. I haven't had any problems so far. I think the BA temporarily expands during the first couple of days (at the higher settings) but eventually settles back down to its original level within a week or so. I had BA injected for acne scars only but it's really meant for large volume deficits. It would work for sunken cheek and chin areas but I heard Sc
  13. kooky


    Hope you heal beautifully Ross. Your skin looks otherwise VERY healthy and smooth. Good for you!
  14. MissShady, My adventures (or misadventures) in the scar revision biz have already been chronicled more than Narnia on acne.org. But to make a long story....even longer, since I started in '94 I've received good improvement (40% maybe?) overall in my scarring on the areas that were most severe. Nowhere as bad as it used to be. I was severely scarred on my temples from cystic acne and then further scarred and charred by a neophyte plastic surgeon who went too deep and long with the CO2 laser i
  15. Marce, IIRC, you had mentioned somewhere along the lines of 55-65% improvement at one point after 6 treatments. Was most of that edema then, or imagination and wishful thinking? Annie: I agree with you that 20-25% for any treatment (or series of treatments) is HUGE. Quite remarkable really. Although let's face it....percentages are very arbitrary and subjective, and has to do with a person's attitude and self-perception. I have learned through other treatments that it's best to take a cauti