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  1. first of all , citric acid is not vitamin C. vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid.
  2. def. use a cotton pad with the toner. it will not spread your acne around. you're gonna need to moisturize after proactiv because it does use BP.
  3. i use them in the morning when i don't have enough time to rub in the BP. they work fantastic
  4. neutrogena has made an spf 55 that is stable. they also made a few sunscreens called "age shield" that are photostable as well. if you don't like the neutrogena formulations, you can try the new sunscreens from aveeno which are also stable.,
  5. i have heard that titanium dioxide breaking people out even though it has a 0 on the comedogenicity scale. titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are usually used in sunscreens and are physical sunblocks
  6. the oily/dry skin combo usually means your skin is irritated. maybe you can try using jojoba oil at night right after you wash your face. try the desert essence brand 100% jojoba oil. 3 drops on a moist face will do it.
  7. cramsession, retinoids and BP do cancel each other out. retinoids become inactive in the presence of oxygen. because BP creates oxygen to kill acne causing bacteria, it also cancels out the retinoid. the best way to use BP and a retinoid is opposite times during the day. so, i would suggest trying BP in the morning and retinoid at night. however, unless you are a seasoned user of a retinoid, i suggest you start very slowly.
  8. i would think so. if you want to test it out, try drying your face with a colored towel in the mornings after using cetaphil. if, over time, the color bleaches then you know that not all the BP is being washed off. good idea?
  9. green cream's active is retinol, which is a vitamin a derivative. it's more mild than retin-a because retinol needs to be converted to tretinoin before it can actually work on the skin. retin-a's active is already tretinoin, so it is more potent. you don't need to incorporate topical vitamin a when you're on GC. in fact, you don't really need much of anything else except a very good non-comedogenic sunscreen and moisturizer. it's best to keep it simple with GC, not only because it'll be nic
  10. how much BP are you using? just because it didn't burn the first couple of times, it does not mean that you have not been irritating your skin. The irritation takes a little bit to manifest, and in your case it took about 2 days. I would suggest you use less BP. wash with a non foaming cleanser and moisturize. also, i have heard that the cetaphil moisturizer with SPF does burn/irritate a lot of people. try a different moisturizer like Eucerin. hope this helps.
  11. ugh, i can't believe this board is so full of homophobic asswipes. "fighter" - i think it's totally unappropriate for you to refer to gays as fags. and to even think that a guy would be more willing to sleep with you than a woman? give me a break. you're probably the uglist shit out there and no wonder you can't get any pu$$y. "dietrich" - don't refer to us as "the gays." it's that exact mentality that perpetuates our othering. and your comment is totally untrue. since when was a gay m
  12. i don't know what it is. if it doesn't hurt, it's probably not a pimple and a big bite or something. i would put some hydrocortizone on it.
  13. a purging period is completely normal when using a retinoid. i used Green Cream which is a retinol treatment (much more mild than RAM) and i purged like crazy for 3 weeks. but then it gets much better. good luck.
  14. don't use anymore actives on your face. this includes BP, AHA, BHA, etc. you get the point. wash with a really mild cleanser, like Cetaphil and help heal the burn area with neosporin (or the like) or aloe vera. i don't know the severity of your chemical burn, but it might lead to scarring. to apply the glycolic mask, i used my finger tips and only left it on for 1-2 minutes max. Then i neutralized it with baking soda and rinsed my face many many times with cold water. hope this helps.