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  1. i usually try to say hi with a hug instead of a kiss... no one wants to kiss a pimple-faced kid.... anyone else do this?
  2. no bacne is worse... because everyone already knows u have acne on ur face so w/e... but then when u take ur shirt off to go in the pool or somethin, every1 is like whoaaaa. my parents are about to buy a jet ski (i live on a lake) and all my friends are like yea man we can come ride on the weekend and stuff... but im so bummed about it
  3. i really wanted to learn surfing and my brother was gonna take me but i didnt go because of severe acne on my back
  4. one time i was volunteering at an elementary school for after school care.... and i was just havin some fun with the kids chasing them around and stuff and i got tired but they still wanted me to keep running around chasing them... so they all started yelling "PIMPLE FACE!!"... i pretended like it didnt bother me but when i got home i cried for hours...
  5. its not a lot... but i get like one or two... im pretty sure they are pimples they look exactly like the ones on my face and sometimes they get that white stuff on em just like any other pimple...
  6. i have been getting pimple at the base of my penis and want to know if this is normal and how to treat it