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  1. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between a "punch" excision and a regular excision, but I had an excision done on a scar right between my eyes. My doctor told me that it was an extremely routine procedure and assured my it would look better. Unfortunately, three months later, it looks much worse and I regret the decision. I don't post this to discourage you. In fact, I do believe that it's a relatively easy procedure that usually brings about good results. However, having been thr
  2. Wtf is going on in this thread? No offense to anyone, but I see people putting urine on their face and get skeptical. Has anyone documented results with pictures for any of this?
  3. I had the VBeam done yesterday. It was not painful at all. I was bruised, which some say is a good indicator that the treatment was successful. Here is a picture I took in the car maybe 15 minutes after I was zapped. Today, though, I was gently washing my face and when I looked up in the mirror, I noticed I was bleeding. The area popped like a pimple and continued bleeding. I believe puss came out, but I suppose it could have been dead skin. Either way, this worries me. I called my
  4. I had an excision well over a month ago that I hoped would rid me of a hypertrophic scar between my eyes that was originally from a very persistent cyst. Unfortunately, I've been left with a hypertrophic scar not unlike the one I had in the first place, but this one is extremely red. My dermatologist/plastic surgeon has recommended the VBeam Perfecta Laser for it. I have done only cursory research on this treatment. While I do more research, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here and see if
  5. I'm considering having excision done for a hypertrophic scar between my eyes. I'm very interested to see how yours comes out. Thanks for starting this thread.
  6. I appreciate you both saying my scars aren't severe and I wish I felt the same but I just really don't. Yanagupta- could you share more about invicible? I did a quick search and it looks to be a topical to me. It's my understanding that topicals don't do much for scars. Did you really achieve good results? Rockme- have you used the VI peel? Im also interested in this option.
  7. I finished accutane two years ago and have been left with lots of scarring. I've done some dermarolling/dermastamping but it's just not enough. I have a consultation with a derm/plastic surgeon on Monday and I want to be well prepared. What type of scarring do I have? I'm thinking subcision would be best but I'm not sure. I greatly appreciate any advice.