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  1. First off, I've been at war with acne since 1988, actually, it's been tactical guerrilla warfare waged by acne, against which I've miraculously avoided a skinscape of those soul-killing battle scars. So let's pretend it's early 2010, and here's where I'm at. I'm 37 and though I haven't had the rash of breakouts or anything like that in eons, I just mostly deal with the two, three breakouts here and there, some really apparent, and enough for me to feel sufficiently unattractive and uncomforta
  2. After using BP gel continuously for four years, along with a topical retinoid at night, I'm thoroughly convinced that long-term BP use causes premature aging of the skin. I'm in my mid 30s and have been using topical retinoids since the age of 16, so really, I should have wrinkle-free skin. Indeed, I do have no wrinkles except some developing crows feet, but comparing pics of myself in 2004 with those today, I appear a little pallid and aged. Unfortunately, a topical retinoid has never been pow
  3. ScienceDaily (Feb. 17, 2008) — UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeons are among a handful in the nation deploying a new type of laser that goes deeper into the skin to help reduce wrinkles, tighten surface structures and treat pigmentation differences. UT Southwestern was one of only two U.S. centers to receive the Food and Drug Administration-approved laser for initial testing before making it available for patients. Plastic surgeons at UT Southwestern have completed testing and are
  4. The frustration and angst of acne can lead to elevated cortisol levels in the blood. Cortisol is the hormone mostly associated with the "flight or fight" response. But protracted secretion of cortisol can lead to neuron destruction within the hippocampus of the brain. The hippocampus is useful for storing long-term memory, but is considered somewhat of an "emotional" hub. So if you're constantly fretting over your face, you can easily see why you're susceptible to anxiety and depression. But SS
  5. Seeing some of the posts on this board and reading a recent article about romance, flirting, etc in the most recent Time, I need to say that I've had a derriere full of this notion that a man's confident disposition is of utmost importance in wooing women. Bull-fricking-feces. Physical features prejudice a woman's perspective of a man "exuding confidence". For example, let's have a Man A and a Man B sitting at the bar. They both have the same disposition, but Man A is a modern-day Adonis and M
  6. Well, how's this for luck: neither my mom nor my dad ever had acne, BUT my mom's brothers did. I just had to inherit 100% of those mother f***ing traits. The pattern of acne in my life mirrors theirs, and trust me, it will be a lifelong battle, but with all the crap on my face, at least I don't break out often anymore, but after what I had to endure my teen years and early twenties, the psychological damage has already been done.
  7. I smoked marijuana once and I'll only smoke it once because it was the worst, most horrifying experience for me. I was pacing around my apartment, in a fit of panic and paranoia, trying to tell myself that everything will be okay. And no it wasn't laced. I got it from someone who gets it from a clinic in LA.
  8. I'm bumping this thread because I'm considering needling in lieu of Fraxel. I'm very fortunate that I only have three scars that annoy me so I don't think I need to pay the $4,000 to get Fraxel treatments (though as a preventive means to strengthen my skin and prevent future wrinkles, I'll eventually get it when I can truly afford it). So, in the last year, has anyone noticed any improvements or seen Susan?
  9. This is too funny. These wretched pieces of dung (no, they're worse than dung. At least dung has some use as a natural, organic fertilizer) have been conning desperate, vulnerable people for years. Here's my post from, yes, 2005:
  10. Sandywo, it's almost hard to tell without harsh light, but it appears there is some scarring. The good news is that it ain't your face. I don't know of anyone who's had TCA or fraxel on his (or her) back, but something of this nature might be your best option. Hopefully, someone on this site is or knows of someone who's had that kind of procedure.
  11. Wrinkle Drug's Action Is Found By RHONDA L. RUNDLE February 20, 2007; Page D4 A popular injectable antiwrinkle treatment, Restylane, appears to stimulate skin cells to make natural collagen, a basic skin protein, according to a study whose findings suggest Restylane's effects may last longer than expected. Restylane, sold in the U.S. by Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., has been thought to smooth wrinkles by physically filling space created through collagen loss and other aging processes. The stud
  12. I didn't want to add to the current Fraxel thread since this topic is specific, but I'm curious if it's beneficial to get a filler first, then use Fraxel over it. My thinking is that the filled-in scar(s) will have less pressure to sink back in as the Fraxel "repairs" the scar. This will help the scar to heal more readily. Opinions?
  13. Wow. Read this nifty little post I made over a year ago.
  14. It's been well documented that fotofacials won't do crap for scars. For redmarks and broken capillaries, it should help, though.