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  1. right, so it's been two weeks and a day. the acne is mostly confined to the sides of my face. and there's not too much of it. the red marks probably make it look worse than it really is. pic from today: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...cmd=si&img=3047 updates in my life: going to see the mars volta in philly in may! w00t! found a prom dress! w00t! (i'll post pictures when it comes) alright. guess that's it.
  2. Yeah, the byline pretty much doesn't apply anymore, do you know how to change it? I'm on antibiotics right now.
  3. Aw! Thanks Mike. I think you're really cute. So. It's been a week. And I am finally starting to get optimistic about the possibility of my face looking decent someday. The right side is clearing up beautifully (I prolly just jinxed it...) and the left side isn't too far behind. My only complaint is that my nose has decided to be a brat and develop weird red spots that aren't quite zits or pimples...but unattractive nonetheless. Oh, and the scarring/lingering redness on my cheeks. But overal
  4. Well, it's been ten days since my last post. I did indeed go to the derm on Valentine's Day (with a migraine headache. it was a blast. not.) and he prescribed me new medicine. I'm to take: Dynacin ( form of the antibiotic tetracycline ) pill 2x a day Differin in the morning Benzaclin at night So I've been doing that for about a week, I guess. Has my skin gotten any better? You decide. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...cmd=si&img=2740 Blah. I suggest that anyone who feels down
  5. Well, it's almost been two weeks. I modified my regimen--no washing with any kind of cleanser, just water. Anything else is really too drying. But I have been taking the pills and applying the bp gel and moisturizer. The results haven't been too spectacular...meh. But I have a derm appt. on the 14th (Valentine's day!) and I'll ask him if he thinks Accutane would be a good idea for me. I really want to get cleared up before I leave for college this summer. Oh, and I got a haircut. http://www.a
  6. About two weeks ago I stopped using products on my face, washing with only water about every other day. My skin calmed down a little bit at first, but there wasn't a really significant improvement, so I've decided to start using prescription medicine again. My daily regimen: *Nicomide tablet after dinner. *Wash face--with Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Cream once a week, Clinique Rinse-off foaming cleanser the other 6 days. Mildly warm water. No wash cloth. Pat dry with towel. *Let face dry tho