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  1. on my 4th or fifth treatment, i cant remember how many i did, but it was my last one it felt like the laser burned me along my jaw line. i always got it done on level ten. neve had a problem untill the last treatment. i went back the next day and they gave me some cream to put on it, it was perscription strength to help collagen growth, my spots were red and kind of like blisters. it took a couple weeks, three or four, but they went away, i would definetly tell the doctor right away. i aske
  2. has anyone seen real improvement from from using vinegar on the face daily. I have not seen it discussed lately. does that mean that people are no longer doing it because it didnt work. Please resopond if you think it helped you or if it had no positive effects or if it had negative effects. thanks
  3. i read somewhere that when you develop blisters from a burn that you should not put any ointment on them, but someone else told me to put aloe vera and neosporin on them. what do you guys think. i am going to call the derm on monday when they open to see what they suggest, anyone have suggestions untill then
  4. just had my fifth smoothbeam treatment, though everything was going well up untill this point, but the fifth treatment gave me blisters on my jawline, anyone know what i should do to help them heal so they dont cause more scars. or what i should not do. or how long they will last? please help.
  5. just had smoothbeam done for the fifth time, this is the first time i have had blistering because of it. i didnt do anything differently except i didnt leave the numbing cream on as long. does anyone know what i should do to help the blisters to heal faster, is there anything that i shouldnt do? please help.
  6. does anyone else get scars that just appear without ever having a pimple to cause it? how to you prevent a scar from forming if there wasnt a pimple there in the first place?
  7. i have had smoothbeam done twice, its 350 per treatment, and they are doing my cheeks and some spots on my forehead, its another 100 dollars if you want the microdermabrasion with it. and its 500 a treatment if you want them to do your entire face with the smoothbeam
  8. im getting my smoothbeam done on setting 10, im not sure about needling, dont know to much about it, but my doc said that you could put any topical lotions or creams on after the smoothbeam, there are not to many restrictions, just need to keep out of the sun for a little bit. you might want to wait do the needling just to be safe
  9. just got smoothbeam this morning and my face is red and puffy, wondering if anyone knows of away to help the redness go away faster. Thanks
  10. i just got my second sb done today, got my first three weeks ago. i think i am starting to see some improvement on some of my scars. the doc said you normally see a change after your second session, or 1 to 2 months after your first session. my face is really red, after the first time i got i done my face was red for about 24 hr, and after36hr it was back to normal. This time it seems more red and i planned on it being red for 36 hr again but i fear it will take longer this time. i have to
  11. i think smootbeam is the safest of all the laser out there right now. my doc said that there is always a chance of creating new scars since you are using a laser on your face. but they said that they have had the smoothbeam for around three months and have been using the cooltouch for the last three years. they say they have done the procedure thousands of times and never had one time where either of the lasers have caused more scars. this is just what they told me. i hope they were telling
  12. started getting acne when i was 21 now im 23 and still have it, sucks
  13. ok, i have been doing this diet for around two weeks now and i definetly see an improvment. Im not 100% clear but i feel that marks that i do have are left over from before i started the diet. im also drinking alot of water with a little bit of lemon squeezed in it. I also started doing the vinegar thing at night. So im not sure what is helping but i think it is a little bit of everything. It is hard to stay true to the diet but i am finding it easier everyday. Your body gets used to it li
  14. i heard it is more for scarring not so much for red marks but it may help a little. Let us know if you see any improvement from it.
  15. i am thinkng about getting this done, just visited the doctor yesterday and i think im gonna call and make an appointment to have it done today. I just wondering if you had a new results. Have you heard of anyone doing this and then getting more scars from it. Thanks, hope everything went well for you yesterday.