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  1. i've heard from a bunch of people on another site that baking soda was good for reducing redness? I've been mixing it into a paste with water and applying it once/day. so far all its done is dry my skin out and make it even more red.. . i've been doing it for about a week now.
  2. i'm drinking alot of green tea and alot of lemon juice every day. Been doing it for about a month now and its working great, i've had 2 zits in the past 2 weeks and i think my red marks are fading too. Also, you know that itchy sensation you get on your face which usually results in pimples in that place where it itched? I still get those, only no zits crop up.
  3. been drinking 3 teabags of green tea in 2L of water and 1 lemon in 2L of water also, plus drinking 2L of plain water for the past three weeks, which comes to 6L of water a day. dramatic improvement in my skin, i've only had 1 real noticeable zit in the past 2 weeks which went away really fast, i had a couple small ones from getting wasted one night but besides that nothing. This really seems to be working. Also cut my showers down to 1 per day, and my skin isn't nearly as dry.
  4. it seems ballaballa and i are the ones who are on this "regimen" right now, but we have slightly different takes on it, yet it seems to work for both of us. so here's my thoughts for you, and i'm sure he'll tell you something slightly different. follow whatever works for you. for me, i still wet my face and cleanse once a day in the morning. and on monday's for instance where i play tennis at night, i also take a really quick, cold, shower when i get home to remove the sweat. i mean quick. l
  5. Hmm this idea sounds good but what do i do after i've just sweat alot, like i just went for a 40 minute run and my face was covered in sweat....it can't be a good idea to not wash that off? And sometimes when you eat or drink you spill stuff on your face, should this be washed with water or just rubbed off with a towel? Should i just wipe the sweat away with a towel? that seems more irritating to me then just letting warm water run over my face for a couple minutes. I'm gonna try this when i
  6. I believe most products do make it worse, its probably mostly mental, you think "if my acne looks bad while on this, imagine how it'll look with nothing!" I used to think that unless my face was in a state of extreme discomfort at all times due to bp or some new soap my compexion wasn't gonna improve..well i recently got off all those things and cleaned up my diet, and i already see great progress after only 5 days. You might want to look into the raisin thing too, it seems to be helping. Ano
  7. started 4 days ago, no new zits have formed in the 4 days i've been eating raisins and the couple i had along my jawline are also going away quickly...and yeah i'm shitting and fartin alot more too which i presume is a good thing. Lucky i'm studying for exams and don't have to go out in public very much lol...I expect to be clear within a week from now if all continues as its going now, very nice tip. Also, I stopped using any soaps or cleansers on my body, now i just wash with wate...shower t
  8. not good for anyone who wants to have a good physique, how much protein per day do you get with that? Like 15g maybe? It's nice to have clear skin, but i'm not gonna ignore everything else on my body to get rid of a few spots.
  9. s o protein causes acne? that sucks for a body builder...