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  1. Hmmm, i have never heard anything like this, can i just say, i suggest u get it checked out by a skin doctor, especially since u say the scab re-occured and is blackish in colour and is taking all this time to heal. EHgirl
  2. Hiya peeps! My photos didn't take well and that's why u don't see any yet...the angle was totally off and i was a bit disappointed as i stressed this to my sister who is taking my pics...hopfully after this peel she will do much better! ... i'm already in the process of my 3rd peel at 40% ....this time i pressed alot harder using a cotton ball, so there is alot more swelling than the previous times... Well, i have been getting compliments even after my second peel as people are noticing
  3. Hi! ...thoughts of suicide is demonic .....God loves u and would never want u to go down this path.....countless people on this board have found ways to improve their scars at even an affordable price, and that including myself ... ...i can only encourage u, never give up, never give in!! EHgirl.
  4. Hi Montoya, If u feel more comfortable using 25% to start, it is better than not trying at all....for those larger rolling scars, i would not use a toothpick...use a q-tip and just make sure it's not runny after dipping it in tca and then place it in the center of that rolling scar and with everything u got, press very hard on it for 8 seconds....if u can, try pressing on it even longer since you're starting out with a low strength. All the best to u Montoya! EHgirl
  5. Hi Lexy and Agoff, Thank u very much....as i sit and think about how much this is working for me, i cry happy tears!...who would have known...that i was lead here ...by God....only to stumble on the different options of clearing scars....what i really initially wanted was a dermabrasion and i prayed so hard that i would be able to get one... i really couldn't afford it but i would use my credit card regardless....well, as i continued praying about it and asking God to help me find a way...i c
  6. Ya, i'm wondering if u need to be a little more consistant with it before throwing in the towel..i realize some skin is just more stubborn than others...but if it's not doing extra or more damage, than it deserves just that....i do remember your pics and u look great....as Lexy said, your scars are quite shallow....i would probably do an overall peel just to blend things in a bit....just my oppinion... all the best to u. EHgirl
  7. Thanks janus! People with mild scarring should probably stick to a low tca strength and i would never encourage them to do what i did.....but i would if u have moderate to severe scarring!...today marks a week since my 40% peel and most of the peeling has shed...i have no extra scars from tca....i see no demarcation lines...just fresh new pink skin..before i started with this treatment, my scars were moderate...and since then, they look more on the mild side....i can see myself doing more t
  8. No improvement whatsoever?...how aggressive were u on those scars?...did u press really hard on them without puncturing the skin?
  9. Yes!...the most improvement i recieved was on the biggest rolling scar i had!...keep in mind i was very aggressive on my scars when i did cross using 50%.
  10. If u r talking about red marks from acne, i wouldn't let that stop u from applying tca on them...tca is for active acne also.
  11. If u r going that low a strength, i highly doubt u have anything to worry about.
  12. Hi delta force, I did my peel on friday and began peeling 3 days later...i'm still peeling in areas and the last time i remember it taking 2 weeks....so, i booked myself alot of time off work. I don't understand why she told u that, i myself have olive skin tone and it worked just fine.
  13. Hi Badboy, No, this was not my experience at all...the surrounding skin blends in well in the end and even if u looked close, there were no visible demarcation lines. Don't be afraid to use this product, just be careful with your application, and all the best to u.
  14. Hi electroscars! I have done cross once on most of my scars, and am on my second peel now...will tca remove scars completely?...i don't know, i would like to aim for that....i suppose that could depend on how consistant u r with this treatment..all i know is so far i am very satisfied with how effective tca has been for me. EHgirl
  15. http://www.loganwoodskincare.com