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  1. The regimen makes your skin purge, that's what happens. It's going to purge until everything has been drawn out from your skin. Mine got 10x worse than yours and the whole process took 6.5 months to get completely clear. You have to stick with it and you have to be patient. Feel free to look at my pictures so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. It does get better. I can't give any advice on quitting because I've been using it for a few years now
  2. Wut then I have to keep my makeup on untill I wash off my face? Yes. Your makeup will come off at the end of the day before you do your night time regimen.
  3. I used to use only AHA full strength every night in replace of moisturizer. It ended up drying out/dehydrating my skin because it was too much. Now what I do is mix half and half 6 days a week, but once a week I will use AHA full strength by itself. You could probably get away with using AHA by itself every other day depending on your skin type. But if you want to get up to that you can start off slow (once a week) to see how your skin reacts first and go from there!
  4. You do not wash your face after doing the morning regimen. You wash your face first, put the treatment on, then moisturizer. After that, you don't do anything to your face again until night time (ideally 12hours later). At that point you will start the regimen over again - wash, treat, moisturize and go to bed.
  5. Don't lose hope! Everyone says you should be clear within 3 months but it took me about 6 months to be completely clear. I've been on the regimen for a few years now, you can go look at my gallery and see how much WORSE my skin got until it got better. Hopefully the pictures give you some hope and motivation. ALSO I agree with the coconut oil, it clogged my pores very badly. Other than that patience is key, I know it sucks but hang in there and you will be clear!!
  6. It's not cool to bash the regimen and say these things about it when you only used it for 3 weeks. You're going to discourage people who are thinking about trying it out I have used proactiv and it did nothing but make my acne worse. Dans regimen has cleared my skin, and it took like 6 months Have patience
  7. I would try AHA. That and jojoba oil are what helped me get back to healthy moisturized skin. But I use acne.orgs AHA If it's just a moisturizer with AHA in it, it's still worth a shot Pure AHA mixed in with my moisturizer, as I use, helped get rid of my hyperpigmentation (red spots) tremendously! But it requires patience, they won't be gone over night
  8. Honestly I never used 2 full pumps, it annoyed me to try to rub it all in when it never would. I suggest adding extra jojoba oil into the moisturizer if you still feel dry In the morning I use about a pump of moisturizer with 1 drop of jojoba oil At night I use 1/4 - 1/2 a pump with a finger length of AHA and 3 drops of jojoba oil. My skin has never felt more moisturizer on te regimen than it does now
  9. ^^i definitely second these questions!! I did use the acne.org products, they're the only ones I used. I wanted to wear makeup, because it was what gave me some confidence.. But my skin was so dry that it looked worse with makeup on. So I quit wearing face makeup for about 8 months
  10. Stick with it, it's gonna be like that for a little bit. It gets worse before it gets better, that's what happened to me Just don't give up on it, it'll work if you're patient with it
  11. Thank you!! Yeah I had trouble with redness too since I'm so fair skinned, but I'm glad I could help!
  12. Honestly it took me quite awhile to get completely clear, every time I thought I was getting closer id break out more. Just tell them not to get discouraged! It literally took me a good 6 months. I got rid of my post acne marks with the AHA, before I introduced that and jojoba oil into my regimen my skin was sooooo irritated. The jojoba oil soothed the redness in my skin, and just make sure they do every step gently and patiently. Yes, it feels awesome! Yes I still do the regimen twice day, b
  13. I just wanted to quickly share my experience on the acne.org regimen to help those starting out or those debating whether or not to try it out. I have a full gallery of my progress on my profile but I'm just going to insert before and after pictures. I started March 9, 2013. My after pictures were taken January 5, 2014. The regimen is my holy grail, although the journey was tough.. My results are more than I could've wished for! I now have my self confidence back If you're struggling with acne
  14. Mariahg

    Acne.org journey 2013

    This is my journey with the acne.org regimen, I started in March 9, 2013.
  15. Every time I try to put my credit card information in it tells me to check the red fields and try again. I've checked it, and it's right but I can't order because of this. I was able to order perfectly on the old site. Help?