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  1. Been a long time since I've been around. I just begun looking up acne again because mine is starting to get worse. I've been taking doxycycline spasmodically and it hasn't been too bad... I just want it to go away now. An update on my life: we are going back out again lots of stuff happened and perhaps one day I will write it down again. But yeah, we started going out again on December the 3rd, our old anniversary, she asked me out I've finished high school, got a really awesome mark and got
  2. Cleanest way might be to do it on the shower. Apparently urine also gets rid of tinea and other feet problems so yeah, I've heard of people just peeing on their feet in the shower. So *shrug* start peeing, put your hand down and splash some on
  3. *sigh* most recently I have felt the same. It does not help it is the holidays because sometimes noone is doing anything so I end up sitting home thinking I'm wasting my life but everyone else like my friends are more than happy to sit at home and pick lint from their belly buttons all day... but now I think about it, it's not like I don't go out often enough it's just on the inside I've gone through some rough times recently just feel really empty inside... haven't felt alive for without being
  4. haha... this is kind of unrelated but my brother was over one night and he called me so I went to see what was wrong and he's like "I need some help ma man" then proceeded to push his nose upwards pig style and made me look. He had like 4 big pimples up his nose (not really far obviously) so yeah... I gave him some BP on a cotton ear bud and didn't hear from him again about it
  5. Hrrm, I've also always believed in sweat helping acne if you wipe it off after etc. I naturally do not sweat on my face very much but yeah I do hear that sweat is a watered down version of urine sort of thing... maybe there's a link too?
  6. hehe, that made me chuckle. I hope everything goes well for you Keep it up!
  7. It's not like 100% of people on here have braces. I don't and never had. Both my brother and sister had braces (ironic that I was the only one to not brush my teeth when I was younger... yet mine are the healthiest and whitest) and they never had acne except for the odd pimple once a month. It is quite obvious however that there could be different things that set different peoples acne off.
  8. Nah... I don't think there is a connection. Next we'll be freaking out about "Does going to a private school give you acne!?"
  9. Get yourself busy and make some interests... Sport is great, gym is great, even games/cars might be allright to talk about with guys to make some new friends. You can only talk about things you spend time on and think about. It will just come naturally as you get to know more people you will find there is more to say in general conversation.
  10. I've tried salt water (made up at home) because I noticed sea water was awesome for my acne. Didn't work as well, perhaps it's also other factors such as dead fish particles etc etc? Ah well, next time I goto the beach Ima bring home some buckets of sea water!
  11. Not to diss this idea, but sometimes I come on here and laugh at the crap people come up with... mainly about 'masturbation causes acne!' where as sex doesn't? Just crazy how much we subject our face to where another person without acne wouldn't. Lemon doesn't sound too bad though but I'm on a green tea/lemon/honey bath thing at the moment.
  12. 1. Refer to one of my friends by rude words for the year 2. Refer to yet another one of my friends as a she (she's a he!) 3. Ask the girl I like out to dinner - Complete and girl said yes 4. Eat more to weigh 70+ by the end of the year 5. No softdrink or cigars 6. Do well for my final year of high school!