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  1. My acne has gotten significantly better and I guess I could consider myself cleared, however, there is a pattern to my acne that has baffled me since it began at 14 Starting from my period my skin gets progressively worse, it becomes red, blotchy, rough, extremely oilly and pores are huge. Then, a day or two before ovulation I have a minor breakout. But as soon as I have ovulated, the whole look and texture of my skin will clear up, my face glows and my pores seem to dissapear. The change is
  2. Hexagon

    Last Entry

    Took my last ever pill yesterday. I'm glad to not have deep cystic spots appear anymore. Since my last entry this dry skin/ rash has continued to flare up. I'm presuming I've developed seb dermatis or keratinosis Pilaris now.. Just as I expected my skin looked sh*t for my birthday I went from acne to another skin condition, my skin is tight and scaley on my forehead, eyebrows, and jaw and the skin that is revealed under these scales is red, weeping and bumpy. Running my hand over my face feels
  3. Hi, I have finished accutane recently and my skin got extremely scaley and flakey too, I definitely believe I have some kind of dermatitis. What works for me is using a muslin cloth in the shower it's so good at gently exfoliating and then I use an AHA / glycolic acid (specifically paulas choice, expensive but worth it) which seems to just dissolve all flakes with no irritation. If you dont want to buy an AHA product you can use diluted apple cider vinger which acts as a natural AHA. Lastly, ano
  4. After my last updated my face exploded in a massive flakey red weeping rash around the sides of my face and around my eyebrows. I'm still wondering what caused it It's going away I've just got a few flakey red patches on my cheek and between my eyebrows First time I haven't got acne around ovulation, and if I didn't have this rash my skin would look really good I'm under a lot of stress ATM and I've also been out drinking so ill have to see if my skin decides to breakout before my birthday, w
  5. My skin is getting more and more oily but it doesn't bother me much. I had 3 days of binge eating chocolate, crisps, cake, cheeses, everything and I got a few comedones and bumps on my forhead and chin which just intlamed, blistered and then peeled off. I also got this weird bumpy rash around the sides of my face but it disappeared as soon as I started eating properly I'm very glad I do not get cysts anymore and My acne may not be much of a problem but I think I still have some kind of dermatit
  6. Haven't had anything pop up up still which is goood Can definitely feel oil coming back already, before my forehead would be bone dry now I can feel some oil when I run my finger across, my nose looks quite congested but nothing new with that Can also already notice my skin healing quicker which is great but theres a lot of redness and marks just appearing on my forhead I don't even know where it's come from! I'm waiting for ovulation to see if I still breakout like usual
  7. I'm now taking 20mg every 2 days, I know you don't really need to wean off accutane as it supposedly stays in your system for quite a while but I'm only doing this as I want to hopefully be/stay clear for my birthday next month. The reason I think my acne is sure to come back in the way it was is literally within 2-3 days since decreasing my dose this low, my lips are barely dry, excema disappeared and I can feel my hair getting oily again. My facial skin is still quite dry and has actually star
  8. Hexagon

    Week 28 20Mg

    Since decreasing my dose, my side effects seemed to blow up all over again, my back kills, excema literally appeared overnight and my lips got so so sore Got a couple closed comedones on my forehead which I extracted and have now gone, but my skin is still so sensitive and fragile I'm so terrified of coming off accutane I just have this mortifying, deep down feeling that it will come back straight away, from tomorrow I will be taking 10mg a day for another week and then that's it.. After accu
  9. Hexagon

    Week 27 20Mg

    Well my friendss, I am down to my last two packs and I'm am tapering down to 20mg The marks left from last weeks breakout have only just healed and I know they are going become lovely new scars to add to my collection It has been so hot and sunny here in the uk and the sun always helps my skin No actives just one weird little non inflamed thinggy on my forehead next to a scar Only thing I am really annoyed about is the fact that my nose still has blackheads and still produces oil but ohhweee
  10. Hexagon

    Week 26 40Mg

    Early but i have to update I knew it, in the last 2 days, maybe or maybe not coincidently since starting my period, I developed two spots on my forehead and a cyst on my chin. My pores look more visible as well Althoughh the cyst and 1 spot on my forehead have quickly deflated with the help of some bp so that's good It's really strange before accutane I would usually only get acne around the middle of my cycle, since starting accutane my skin breaks out pretty much non stop, whenever, whereve
  11. Hexagon

    Week 25 40Mg

    Wow still no actives, I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. every day I wake up expecting to see or feel a new bump but there just isn't My skin still looks bad though due to all the wounds, scars and redness. Also my skin appearance and texture changes constantly one day it will look ok, the next it will look horrible. I've been catching a lot of sun recently and it's a mission trying not to get burnt Joints and back have started hurting slightly again, dry sensitive eyes and my lips... L
  12. Hexagon

    Week 24 40Mg

    Won't let me quote but thanks for all the support
  13. Hexagon

    Week 24 40Mg

    Been quite lucky, still no actives I say lucky because I garantee they will start popping up again anyday now Skin isn't nessasarily oily just gets oily when I'm moving about or in the heat, which i know is kinda normal, but my skin did not get oily whatsoever earlier in my course Haven't had any problems with my joints for quite a while, or the ecxema either. My lips though.. F***, both sides split and lips peeling everywhere and nothing helps Probs not related but I'm feeling veryy thirsty
  14. Hexagon

    Week 23 40Mg

    No new actives, just lots of lingering bumps. I'm dry from head to toe except my nose which keeps pouring out oil, I have areas on my skin that keep kinda blistering and peeling and seem to never heal. I'm covered in scars and red marks that I'm really hoping will fade once I'm off the accutane. The corner of my mouth has almost healed which is good haven't washed my hair in a week and ecxema keeps trying to creep back in lol My skin isn't getting better at all, I simply get big breakouts ra
  15. Hexagon

    Week 22 40Mg

    Skin was decent until the day before my residential trip and it just decided to explode again, so angry and upset as my skin alway always turns bad right before anything special or important. Got 3 pimpes on my forehead and a cyst on my chin, skin is also very very red and I'm starting to get pitted scars which is terrifying Oh wellll The side of my lip has been split for a couple days now and just won't heal, also as I'm a smoker, when I put a cigarette to my lips it will stick and pull away