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  1. this is the third day of using it, and i think it is doing some good. My skin looks healthier and smoother where i treated it with the O2 pen. I had these red marks on my nose from recently passed breakouts and i think the o2 pen has helped fade them cos they are no longer very visible at all. I wouldn't say it kills a spot and makes it disappear without a trace, but it definitely speeds up the cycle of the spot and reduces its size. That is, they come to a head quicker and seem to heal quicker.
  2. when you run it over your face, do you touch the face with the bulb or do you leave a tiny gap between bulb and skin? It says leave a tiny gap when targeting blemishes but i can't hear any 'crackling' when i do this so i don't feel as if its working...any input would be great i'm still getting used to this gizmo. i picked up the oxygen pen from boots - its on clearance at the moment reduced from £50 to £24.99! (also do you use any acne meds before treatments because it tells you not to i
  3. I just bought the oxygen pen and its charging now. I'm just wondering who has had success with high frequency light treatments? The ozone treatment as i have heard it being called. I know heartless has had success with it, subject to correct usage (not overusing it and overstimulating oil galnds) Anyone else? I found these success stories: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/alt.skinc...7362c3e76fb2e15 http://spectacularskin.com/forum/board_ent...&category=9 http://chat.dailymail.co.uk/da
  4. helps my acne whenever i drink it, alkalizes the blood + vitamin C.
  5. i think th bristles drive the bacteria deep down into your pores..which is never a good idea.
  6. I've been using SA (clear pore treatment) for about 4 weeks now and it is definitely helping my forehead acne - keeping it to a minimum. However my cheeks seem to have gone past the initial breakout phase (purge), then cleared up, and now they have flared up again. (Purge at 1st week then clear weeks 2-3 then breaking out badly) When i was using BP on my cheeks twice a day this never happened. I'm currently using SA at night and BP in the morning. I can understand the acne might be different
  7. bump...no1s really tackled the question yet...unless its too hard to tell which i appreciate
  8. woa that surprises me it seemed like a super food for acne...omega 3 DHA + vitamin D and A...so what about flaxseed oil? Anyone seen better results with that? just found this info..5ml cod liver oil (one teaspoon) contains : OMEGA 3's 500 mg DHA 460mg EPA 45mg ALA and the best fish oil capsule i've found contains: OMEGA 3's 300mg EPA 200mg DHA (Super fish oil http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/pro...=1&cpid=706 ) EPA and DHA are meant to break down into prostaglandins - which regu
  9. I'm thinking about supplementing with CLO to easily get a lot of vit A and D in my diet without supplementing with tablets which i think are much less effective. The vitamins are coming from a proper food source, right? Each tablespoon contains something like 4000 I.U Vit A and 400 I.U Vit D so its really easy to get the RDA or more for each vitamin. Has anyone tried Cod Liver Oil? Results?
  10. ye that was my other option...i might try that...depending if i get a breakout or not due to the trial wet shave i did yesterday. i'll let u know. thanks.
  11. that would be very expensive to use permanent razors with different blades each time - they're usually at least a pound per blade with them type as opposed to 10p per blade for the disposables.
  12. I'll keep this brief. In general, in summer, acne is known to improve and clear up. This is true for me as long as i am not over pespiring. Vitamin D is said to be beneficial to acne, and is produced after sun exposure UV rays are said to be beneficial to acne because they kill bacteria. I was wondering what is more resposible for clearing acne - the vitamin D production OR the UV light exposure directly killing bacteria? I'm asking because i'm thinking of taking a vitamin D supplement such