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  1. Hey hun, I tried spiro before and while on it, I used to faint on a daily basis! Not to mention that I was also throwing up. I know this is the last resort and I know my acne consists of four painful cysts at the moment but I just want to be done with them once and for all. So sick and tired of looking at them. My skin is very light so it makes things worse for me when I see scars. HUGS!
  2. Hello everyone, I don't know why but after seeing one giant cyst on my cheek, I feel like I need to go on accutane. I have moderate acne (mainly on my chin and neck). My chest and back are acne free. I am currently on ortho cyclen which cleared my skin by 85% but persistent cysts appearing during that time of the month make me really mad and prevent me from enjoying my life. I thought that by the age of 28 I will grow out of the cysts but now they keep coming back. I weigh 54 kil
  3. Please don't say that! I say that every day and it makes me so depressed. My life seems to be so good because I have a nice job, great family and sweet personal life. But ACNE prevents me from enjoying it fully. I sound like a complainer to my loved ones but acne made me this way. I completely understand where you are coming from. My friend and family eat oily and junk food yet their skin is amazing while I am eating ONLY HEALTHY stuff and now I have a cyst on my cheek that is so painful that it
  4. It is not a joke... and yeah, it is a direct response! Thanks and to your as well Tim, you are a great guy! Just wanted to repeat that you are an awesome person! I hope all is well Frank*L! Please know that I truly appreciate positivity of yours on this forum! You, QuietJamie, Tim714 And RandallFlagg were the four lads that were really helpful to me when I went through tough times!
  5. Thank you so much everyone! I am working on this bad feature of mine! It is not easy but I have to be more understanding of those that are supportive of me!
  6. I am going on a eurotrip for the whole three months with my guy :)! Won't be here for a while! All the best to everyone! HUGS

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    2. AmbitiousOne


      P.S. leaving tomorrow morning! Taking advantage of my time here for now :) Hehe

    3. Vanessa2002


      I love Austria and Switzerland. I used to vacation there with my parents when I was little. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    4. Vanessa2002


      I wonder why she never came back :(

  7. Feeling good! Will be going on Eurotrip for three months!!! Will be MIA from this forum for quite a while, I guess ! HUGS!!!
  8. This is the forum where I don't want to feel afraid to come and express my negativity stemming from acne...I want to be comforted...I want to be listened to...I want to laugh...I want to smile...I want to commiserate with you So too much negativity? SO WHAT? Is acne a positive phenomenon??? All I know is when I feel negative, I come and share my grief and I feel positive after reading your comments of support/encouragement. HUGS!
  9. yea he obviously is a good looking dude with the confidence to post shirtless pics of himself but has the nerve to tell others who are going through much tougher times than him to stop being so negative. some of us are suffering beyond belief. acne is much physical as it is mental. sure this board doesnt have to be all negative, hell this post is very negative but I also try to support others and be positive as well. its give and take. we are all trying to support each other, some of us just ch
  10. Thank you hun! I am so appreciative of this answer! I hate acne for making me so paranoid and criticizing my loved ones for being supportive. HUGS, my dear!!! This is so sad that we act like this! And I am not even a bitch by nature!!!
  11. Thanks LewisS for understanding where I am coming from because I don't want to sound ungrateful! I know this is the other side of the spectrum (the other side being bullying) but I feel annoyed all the same!
  12. Guys, please don't think I am a spoiled brat but I really hate when people that are close to me think that I am exaggerating my acne situation. It is becoming really annoying! My mom, brother, and my boyfriend think I am making a big deal! I know it sounds crazy that I am getting mad at people who are supportive and encouraging but still, I just want to scream: "DO YOU THINK I AM CRAZY THAT I SEE CHIN AND NECK ACNE? IS THAT NOT ACNE?" The other day I told my boyfriend that I am going to get chem
  13. this guy is truly something: dissing my dates and me on another forum and after being banned, coming back again. DUDE, enough of looking at male models and being so possessed about looks! It is not healthy for you! You are a good looking lad but your personality ruins everything so no wonder no girl is giving you a chance! Life is so short...be nice to people and people will be nice to you back!
  14. Hey hun, i took spiro for about two months a year ago and yeah, I felt really depressed and sad. I fainted almost on a daily basis and in addition, I would cry for no reason. It did not go away. My friends were so confused by my behaviour. My skin was 100% clear while on it but I just could not handle taking it! So i stopped. So you are not the only one experiencing it.