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  1. 18yo - Good luck there. Retin-a did significantly decrease pore production for me, but the tradeoff was a red nose.. the blackheads were still present,. just minimized. Nevermind - Minocycline? Funny, I've never even heard of this stuff. I'll look into it,. but what happened after three months?? Unnamed Soldier - I have enlarged pores. They are very visable. And I am more man then you, I have no doubt. You really shouldn't be such an asshole to people you know nothing about. Nodoubt - Maybe
  2. Thanks for your replys. 18yo, sqeezing generally leaves me with red marks. I can get away with a little of this, but not much. 'The best thing for you', I wonder, have you ever tried retin-a? That stuff does help. BTW, I just read this:
  3. I have been at war with the blackheads on my nose for 15 years now. I am a 29 year old male. The problem is, there just seems to be no winning this war. I have blackheads all over my nose. I have tried everything to take care of them but there truely is no solution. Nothing is going to give me the complexion I want. I accept this. Still, I am deteremened to do what I can to look as good as I can. Most things I try end up irritating my nose (scrubs, squeezing, or retin-a 0.1%), giving it a red
  4. Thanks Grapeshot. Covering my whole face is out,. using something thick is out,. I'd rather just tip the scales in my direction then conceal. I will consider a light to medium foundation, but yah, I must say I dont feel terribly comofortable about asking for help or buying it. I'd really rather buy it online, but then I suppose theres no telling what I'm getting. I recently stopped using retin-a, just to see what would happen. A few days after, my skin looked great.. but now a week later, my
  5. Help me out here. I have a redish, irritated nose. I do not have pimples, but use retin-a to control blackheads on my nose. This leaves my nose red and irritated. This irritation fluctuates, but never completely leaves. I use Dove's Day Lotion w/SPF 15, which does help the situation, but still, between the sun, the retin-a, and the moisturizer, I am left with a shiny redish nose. If there is anything I can do to zero out this irritation, I would love it (but truth is, my nose has always been