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  1. You might try to look into lucid dreaming techniques. They can be quite entertaining to say the least. The Viking Youth Power Hour(A podcast by a rather bizarre group) had quite a good podcast on it. they can be found at the feedlot.org also erowid.org has some written techniques on it. I notice also that I don't have nearly as much acne if I look in the mirror when I'm quite drunk. or not quite in this reality as such . **note the VYPH have nothing to do with the white power wingnuts who cal
  2. Hmm perhaps you're on to something there. I always used to wash with hot water in the shower(too lazy to change temperatures) then run cold at the end on my face, and I seemed to have a few larger spots, but not really any smaller ones, and my skin wasn't peeling or flaking. now that I only seem to wash it cold I've got a larger number of smaller spots, lots of flaking skin and no bigger ones. elavin: mind if I PM you for some suggestions? I seem to have gotten rather stuck lately, and I'm not s
  3. just a quick note for a faster way to reset sleeping patterns check your local healthfood place for sublingual melatonin tablets. basically its something your body produces when its time to get sleepy. as an interesting thing for the OP I remeber hearing something about children sleeping with lights on being at higher risk for all sorts of things including cancer because their bodies aren't going into sleeping mode as they should. long term use of the supplements isn't supposed to be good for yo
  4. I wouldn't ice it too long, I had a lot of swelling on my face not to long ago, and the doc told me ice helps in the first 24 hours, but stop after that and it will heal itself as fast as anything else will.
  5. could simply ask a moderator to remove the thread for that reason, no? I just use vinegar 1:8 solution with water. I wouldn't reccommend it actually unless combined in with Antony's routine, but between a full high-school schedule and a couple 10 hour shifts at work on the weekends I just don't have time for the full routine, IMO the vinegar is what gives me smaller breakouts, because I didn't get those much before, but I get nasty ones if I leave the superglue and dust on my face. Just wanted
  6. JuicyJuicy I would be cautious with recomending walnut oil, as it is an oil that if I recall rightly it is a drying oil(although it takes quite some time to dry) and forms a hardened layer(at least as a wood finish). secondly, some people can have an allergic reaction, or so I've been told that was the reason given to add a warning when I use it on food dishes.
  7. I borrowed a buddies pyschology magazine, and there was an article on self fufilling prophecies in it. It was mostly talking about how when parents suspect their kids of/accuse them of doing things they shouldn't the kids are far more likely to start doing those things. I know that I didn't start doing drugs, bailing out at night to do what I shouldn't and so forth until a year or two after that sort of accusation started. and I got to thinking, if its so likely(if I remeber right 67% more like
  8. Vinegar seems to have helped my acne significantly, a lot of it was work related(I run a small woodshop, and work in another) the dust and cyanoacrylite vapor/spray clogs my face up and the vinegar seems to help dissolve it out. honey and cinnamon eh? sounds like a good addition to my next sandwich. (I make many bizarre ones each and every day:-) 26th eh, best of luck with the dermatologist. I've not bothered to see one, but thats cause I don't like doctors.
  9. MotherNature, I just wanted to say you sound like a truly awesome mother, I'm 17 enjoying a clear spell which I hope lasts a while. keep on caring about your daughter I can't even begin to figure out how much it would have meant to me if my parents had done or said anything positive when my acne was bad(last couple years) I would be careful with leaving this site up and running for her, I know I would have found that to be yet another negative comment from my family if they'd left that up for
  10. Egoprofit: how much money do you need? IMO you can do it cheaply my cheapest method runs about 1500$ to set up, then 700$ a month for most everything I reccommend saving up 5k before trying though, in case you can;t find work right away it buys you several months. this assumes you don't want to hitchhike and sleep rough, which can be fun, if risky greyhounds discount fare to anywhere in north america which is just over 140$ one way, so pick a place rent anywhere other then big cities can ea
  11. nice of posters here to include a list of ingrediants that could cause acne, or cause long term dependence on a particular cleaner/whatnot:)
  12. two recommended things to read, one of which can be found online(the poem Alamo junction by Rod Mckuen) and one of the short stories in a book called einsteins dreams(its a short story about cities that are all seperate because their time moves at different rates, and only a few travel, these travellers can never go home again because things have changed so much) I really do reccomend just leaving for a time, I'm 17 and I did it for a month(not long, but even that was enough to see you really ca
  13. mm I love some good cactus:) thanks for the reminder memoria, if nothing else it let me sort out how I felt about my life, organize it and be more relaxed for several months. not to mention that the trip on a beach was beautiful, something I'll never forget can still hear my music playing. its even good for colds:)(at least my peruvian torch was) seriously darth, I would recommend getting a newsreader(or groups.google.ca) and head on over to alt.drugs.pyschedelics(or however you spell it) and er
  14. I was being slightly silly, sorry thought people'd notice:P but I was only being partially silly, 2 months ago all the ads were about reducing oil, and treating acne. now the trend seems to be reducing red marks, and the ads are much more about BP(ads for bp face wipes, etc) much less ad time for blackhead related ads etc too. ok so I watch tv to see where the trends in ads and such are going, but I'm nuts and its ok:P