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  1. All of.your stories are truly inspirational!!! Thanks for your hope shared!
  2. Seriously I think its the first time ever that im happy I'm blessed with freckles cause they kinda hide the marks like Where's Waldo!! but when I would walk my dog esp during the cold rainy times when my makeup will just get jacked up anyways I realize that the only thing i could really do on those days were to grab my ice cream hoodie out of my closet that my boyfriend bought me and zip it over my face because when I came to the conclusion the only thing in life you really can't hide is your te
  3. Hey guys! I'm 25 years young freshly 25 never had acne until mid 24's. I'm fit I work out a good amount and I always smoked but I quit 2 or 3 years ago and all this adult cystic acne hit me out of nowhere so I took a visit to adrmatologist who prescribed me doxycycline then minocycline which killed the bacteria infection for only so long and then didn't work at all so I stop taking them and my face was still minimally breaking out and face is full of freckles thank goodness cuz they blended in