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  1. Hey, does anyone know how to use Klaron? Its like a liquid, they called it a lotion, do I just apply the liquid on my face like a lotion after washing? or only to the spots I have zits ?
  2. Hi, I use to have moderate acne then I went on accutane last august and got off it in feb, 40mg x 2 daily, I had perfectly clear skin my 3rd month till about april of this year. Now it has come back to where it almost was before, but its not as bad. But I have been starting to get all the white skin colored bumps that turn to zits later on. My question is, if I go on another course of accutane, would I most likely go on that same dosage and would it be smart to? I go to college in the fall
  3. Yeah, was just wondering if there was a set time period you "Must" wait until you can start again. Have begun to break out again after my first month off, now its going onto my 2nd month and still breaking out.
  4. I finished my first course back in febuary, How long must I wait until doctor will let me go on a 2nd course?. Any help would be great, Thanks.
  5. Hi, I was accutane for 5 1/2 months at 20mgx2 day for the first month , then 40x2 twice a day for the other 4 1/2. I had Mild acne that just was persistant where I would allways have a pimple or zit on my face and a occasional cyst every few months. I am 18 year old male and weigh around 130. Accutane cleared me up after 4 months to where I was perfectly clear. I stayed clear without a single pimple or zit till the end of the course. Now one month after I suddenly have got 4 zits over the l
  6. Make sure you are using a good moistureizer, That neutrogena oil free moistureizer with spf 15 works great, also it helps if you take accutane with food i have noticed.
  7. I was on tetra, suflameth, and doxy and some other form of doxy none really did anything to improve my skin except sulfameth, so then I got a new doctor and he prescribed me accutane without any questions, almost done with my course now, two more weeks into my 6th month. All you get really is dry eyes, skin, lips, sore lower back sometimes and it seems like cuts and redmarks take alot longer to fade. But its worth it in the end , so far havent had a zit or pimple in a month, redmarks still fad
  8. Having the same problem, any tips would be great. On accutane 40mg
  9. I have just finished my third month of accutane and going into my forth and my skin is really clear except for all the redmarks that have been left behind and only one small zit, and so far , these past two weeks I have been drinking lots and lots of milk and some which I had cut out of my diet for fear that it caused acne and have noticed no change in my skin except it getting better. I just wanted to see what ever one's else's experiance's were/was, I really dont ever eat mcdonalds or other f
  10. Just have a quick question, how for most people eating junk food cause's them to brake out, is that because it makes ur face produce more oil and such, and would being on accutane allow you to eat any foods you want pretty much since it shrinks the poors? thanks.
  11. I have been on 20mg accutane twice a day for the first month and 40 mg for the 2nd month and am now starting my 3rd month with 40 mg twice a day and still breaking out. What month was it till most of you saw improvement?
  12. same thing happend to me, its better not to mess around with it, just call your derm and get him to call in valtrex, gets rid of it very fast.
  13. My Face has been clearing up nicely, still some small white bumps that come up as zits on my left cheeck/nose area other then that it looks better. My face has been getting really dry though so im using moisturizer. My lips aswell has been extreamly dry so applying chapstick alot and using aquaphor at night. But now a week and a half ago I got a cold sore on the corner of the left side of my mouth. First time ever since i was a kid to ever get a cold sore. I tried many differnt creams and