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  1. hey tiramasu . i am so sorry u r so young fo this kidnye disease. my mom has polycystic kidnye disases going on 3 years now. last christmas they got infected and she had to have them both removed, she almost died. anyway she is on the transplant list. since your younger you will get a trasnplant sooner becuase you have a healthier young body and your a top priority. my mom goes to dialysis 3 X a week for 4 hours at a time. she isnt dead. just do what those doctors tell u to eat and stuff.
  2. i was wondering if anyone knows if antioxidants appleid topically in creams and stuff help keep you younger. im talking about like vitamin c creams retinol multivitamin lotions vitaniacin (olay total effects) thanks !
  3. might as well use pure rubbing alchol. thats all it is in a gel form. i tried that before and it burnt my skin off. ouch. glad u found something that works for you .
  4. has anyone found any good sunblocks this year in the sun block aisle of the store ??? ibought one of each of all the neutrogena ones. it says non comedgenic on the back so im assuming it can be used on your face. even tho they were in thne sunblock ailse with hawiian tropci and all of those.. what do uall think? u think there any good ?
  5. wow good luck in boot camp. u know there probably sending u to iraq right ? i am sure your acne will go away eventually. dont forget u have to wear the helmets and shit that can alwayz make acne worse but u will be too busy to fuck wit it tho so. wow so how old are you ? are you joining the us army ?? u have a lotta guts! good luck soldier!
  6. your probably over doing it on ur face care routinem. mine wwas red too and then i relaized i was doing too much shit to it. give it some time to calm down and be gentle on it. thats all u can do. an AHA lotion might help too .
  7. oh ok bummer well it looks funny liek it wud take ur mind of shit. oh well lol anyone else.
  8. help me pass my potatoe im trying to do all fifty states !!! http://www01.passthepotato.com/potato.php?...30222330-139731
  9. did ur son have acne ? I have heard this before from a lady at work as well. she said it dries up the acne. i bet it works. this one lady i know said safeguard works. which is another antibacteiral bar soap .
  10. does anyone ever read this for stress reflieft to forget about ur acne ? i was wondering if it is any good ?
  11. the proactiv bp gel works really good might as well use it up. im using mine up then im gonna try the 2 tubes of dan's gel that i bought. if it dont work ill let ya know. i will go back to proactiv again cuz it is DEIFNATLY WORKING for me. good luck
  12. i thought id poke my head in so i can say what is working for me since one of the things that is working is avoidnig acne thoughts (whcih means limited time on acne baords) so what is working for me is a combo of things here gose : 1) proactiv the 3 steps 2 X a day , plus the mask 1 X? a week and NOTHING ELSE 2) antidepressants ( i think i was too obsessed and depressed) 3) starting a new job so i dont have time to pick or over wash and 4) throwing away my handheld mirrors i used to