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  1. I use the cerave moisturizer cream.and it doesn't clog my pores. I use it at night .
  2. my Avene 50+ facial moisturizer also worked really well for me.
  3. I love my CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. its creamy but it doesnt clog my pores. i use it for my night regime.
  4. i may try this when my cerave foaming wash run out.
  5. Recently(about 6 months ago) my skin changed from normal to oily with lots of clogged pores/black heads. The bumps are small with hard white/yellow clogged pores and when they pop themselves they push themselves out. Some have dark roots and some swell and become red/painful. My forehead and nose clog the worse then my cheeks and chin. I dont pick but since I am African American skin I still get scars. I dont wear makeup but maybe 2x a month when I am working as a Makeup Artist. I havent change
  6. Hi my name is Shekeita and this is my first post here. About 6 months ago my skin went crazy on me. went from never getting a pimple even as a teen to getting crazy breakout on my forehead, nose and cheeks. The bumps arent cystic but they are small white heads/clogged pores. they sometimes turn to bigger red and painful bumps. my forehead, chin and nose are the worst. I now have dark spots all over from them even when i didnt pop them. I didnt change my diet, detergents, skincare or etc. I never