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  1. Hey guys ! back on my updating my progress. So I stopped going to the gym, turn out.. lifting weight was somewhat part of the cause of my jawline ance. I stopped and my ance didn't come out as much anymore. But it is still there, I went to a dermatologist, he prescribed Epiduo and Doxycycline to me. He told me he can't put me on Accutane unless antibiotic failed. I do not have insurance so I do not know how much these will cost me yet. So what should I do ? Should i go with this ?
  2. Thank you for ur info, I'll make sure not to make the same mistake again. But I'm trying to find the source of the problem. No more products for my skins for a while. It need some healing from all the dry skins etc
  3. Hey Guys, I tried Proactive plus for 3 weeks and it didn't work for me. It made my face even worse and i get ance at spots that i didnt get any before. After I cancelled Proactive Plus, they charged me another $97. This made me so mad. This might works for others but it's not for me. I stayed off gluten and diary but no improvement Any other ways ?
  4. I don't get these omega 3 and 6 at all. I research some and it said : "omega-6 fatty acids tend to increase inflammation (an important component of the immune response), blood clotting, and cell proliferation, while those from omega-3 fatty acids decrease those functions.Both families of hormones must be in balance to maintain optimum health." I'm suppose to take 2 of each daily ? I believe I have plenty of vitamin from my work out diet and all the vitamin stuff im taking. I'm going to g
  5. I'm a male , 19 years old. I work out every other day. Strict diet. No diary no suger etc.. Eat healthy, a lot of veggies and protein. I wash my face each workout and 2 times a day. The past few years I've been fighting this ance war and i tried all the methods. I tried proactive, clean n clear, Neutrogena, None really worked. Clean n clear were great, take out all my black heads until my skin got immune to it. I don't touch my face at all. I drink zero calories Vitamin water Eat a leas