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  1. FWIW these are the ones I bought http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=826&prodid=886&cid=163 Crazy the lady was telling me no more than one pill a day when some of you are on 5x that?!
  2. Hey guys, Just looking into adding some D3 supplements to my diet (especially as we're having a particularly cold winter here in the UK!) I ordered a some 5000 IU capsules online yesterday, so before they come I went into Holland and Barrett (a vitamin/health store in the UK) and the biggest size tablets they do are 1000 IU!!! The lady in there told me that this is because of government health advice and that I shouldn't take more than 1 a day without consulting my doctor for a Vitamin D
  3. Hey Uphill Battle, Thanks for your comments. This is exactly what I am hoping to get from this forum, honest opinions from those that are or have been in the same boat! I will be weary about the Salicylic wash for sure. I have used things like BP in the past which have aggravated my skin at first, but usually I find my skin can adapt quite quickly to these things. From your comments I am guessing you definitely recommend using a good moisturiser as well as the products mentioned to
  4. Thanks for your feedback. To be honest it is so hard. Everyone seems to tell you to do something different! Even on this site you read totally contrasting reviews on both peels and the clarisonic brushes. After reading a lot of forums, I even hear people talking about how useless going to a dermatologist was, or how they had to go to 4-5 before they found one which was half decent!! I think I'm also going to try cutting out dairy for a while. I started supplementing my diet with whey pro
  5. Hi all, I'm a guy in his mid 20s from the UK who has always suffered with mild - medium acne. However over the last few years (and months!) it seems to be getting worse, not better. I know it is winter, but I still feel like I should have better skin than this. I have a very corporate job and my skin can really get me down/drain confidence from me. Most recently I've been getting loads of white heads and redness on my cheeks and deeper, bigger, more painful spots along my jawline(nearer the