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  1. Your decision should be based on the following factors above all else because the answers to those factors are sufficient enough to make your decision: -How much you care about getting rid of your acne -If you can deal with temporary side effects If you don't really care about getting rid of your acne, then it would not be sensible to continue for any other reason. If you can't bear the side effects and they're too much of an impediment to your life then regardless of any other factors,
  2. While there is no scale to judge the severity of your acne, your acne has a degree of objectivity to it. I'm going to base my verdict on the type of acne you currently have. That is, I assume that your acne was never better or worse. Also, I will also base my judgement on the number and size of scars that I see on your face. If the scars are large, then it must be reasonable to conclude that it is likely that the acne had to have been big enough to create large scars. I do not see any deep ice p
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. If it makes you feel better, I have severe cystic acne and no friends at all. I've never had a single friend my whole life. Maybe one. Be glad that you have someone to talk to about your acne. Part of my aftermath was unduly caused by the effects that my acne had on my self-concept and thinking. My acne was also responsible for other health concerns. But here's how I see things. I don't let realities like this ruin my life. Instead, when I feel
  4. Hey guys. I'm new here. So I was bored and did an experiement. I wanted to see what treatment methods were most popular on this particular section of this forum so I searched for, "cure" using the search form. I limited the results to results shown in the cystic/nodular acne section of this forum. There were 23 pages of results. I browsed through each page and looked for threads with titles giving clear and concise evidence that cures for cystic acne may have been found. I assumed that solutions
  5. While reading the comments on this forum, I made a striking observation. A profusion of members have indicated that a reduction in dairy consumption has improved or cured their acne. Also, the frequency of members that improved after making this lifestyle change is high compared to the quantity of members who have improved by making other lifestyle changes. Consequently, I've started a poll. I want to find out how many members on this forum consume a significant amount of dairy. I don't