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  1. B5 is also supposed to help the body deal with stress, which is a major acne aggravator for a lot of people.
  2. Glutino's fiber bread is pretty good. Don't buy the gf breads made only from rice flour - they tend to taste and have the texture of cardboard. Like all gf breads, though, it has to be toasted (and preferably buttered) to taste good.
  3. It takes care of clogged pores. My favorite glycolic acid product is the toner made by proactiv and it's knockoffs- they're pretty gentle since they're alcohol-free - they work really well for me. Since it's a toner, not a cream, you shouldn't have any problems putting other topicals or moisturizer over it.
  4. Potatoes make me bloated. ;-( Nowhere near what wheat does to me, and the effect doesn't last as long, but I try not to eat them too often.
  5. coffee and sugar doesn't seem to affect my acne at all.
  6. klaron is very, very gentle. I was using it a few years ago (until my insurance company dropped it) successfully.
  7. diet soda yep, sugared soda is incredibly bad... for both skin and teeth. my dad, who is a dentist, used to always say it was the absolute worst thing you can do to your teeth. to constantly be sipping on the sugary syrup, repeatedly bathing your teeth in it... so -- smart move to quit! it is really bad for your teeth, not just the sugar but the carbination. anyway, i rarely drink soda but when i do it never makes my acne worse. actually, it probably has a lot more to do with
  8. yes. I had the same symptoms along with knee pain and would have an emotional breakdown if I went too long without eating. I tried a low glycemic diet for a length of time to see if it would solve the problem. What I eventually wound up noticing was that the occasional pasta dish left me incredibly sleepy and bloated, while the occasional sugary dessert did nothing to me. I now follow a gluten-free diet (which has cleared up my acne btw) and take anti-depressants which have worked wonders for th
  9. yeah i eat rice everyday does it really break you out?? I don't know.. Eating meals high in rice for 2 days in a row makes me very rundown and depressed though. (No more doggy bags from Indian restaurants for me). I do have to avoid wheat however.
  10. 1. Find out how your body reacts to common food allergens (wheat, dairy, nuts, etc). Cut one out for a week, then re-introduce it and see how you feel. If it affects your health, it likely is affecting your acne. 2. Control your household humidity. I had the worst acne of my life while living in an over-heated, extremely dry dorm room. My skin was literally flaking away from my face. 3. Drink more water. 4. Eat more veggies.
  11. yep. It also makes my tummy really bloated, my knees ache, and makes me incredibly sleepy.
  12. It could also be a wheat intolerance. People eat a lot less wheat on the Atkin's diet. I didn't know I had a wheat intolerance until I tried a low-glycemic diet, and realized that pasta (wheat) made me sick while creme-brulee (sugar) didn't effect me at all. This was something I never could have noticed before, because under a standard 'American' diet, I had eaten wheat at every meal.
  13. I don't go to ours often..They tend not to carry the brands of stuff I like (no rosewater, only the brand of stevia bulked with fiber that clumps in my coffee, the gf bread brands I don't like), and I don't buy enough organic food to warrant the extra inconvenient drive into the strip. My usual supermarket has all of the gf foods I like in their whole foods section; and either the small whole foods store in the village (walking distance) or the Feel-rite chain have rosewater and glycerin. Actual
  14. I'll list the stuff I buy at the whole foods section: protein-filled antioxident rich (veggies, anyone?) immune system boosting toxin cleaning natural topicals (have emu oil already but anything else?) rosewater glycerin good for clearing red marks tasty substitutes for dairy non-comedogenic and will control oil vitamins / minerals / any pills - please explain what they do, and why they are good for my skin-think anti-inflammatories, sebum controllers, hormone regulators, what else? natura
  15. If you still want a scrub, try a polyethylene bead-based one. They're much gentler.
  16. Benzaclin, a topical antibacterial, (from most or all pharmacies) contains a ton of alcohol in it and is extremely drying because of that. Differin, a retinoid (exfoliant), comes in different formulations, some of which are very gentle. Most derms will prescribe 1 exfoliant and 1 topical antibacterial. If your skin is sensitive and your insurance covers it, ask for klaron instead of the benzaclin - it's much gentler - otherwise, stick with bp unless you have really resilient skin. Differin sh
  17. Rimmel makeup remover (it's a liquid solution in the cosmetics section) works really well. A few drops on a baby wipe gets all my makeup off quickly and gently. It's also fragrance free . Unfortunately, only Walmart carries the Rimmel line around here .
  18. why people hate proactiv: 1. AHA and bp won't usually clear up severe acne. Bad cases probably have some underlying causes that topicals in themselves won't fix...poor diet, overly hard water, dry air, etc etc etc 2. If used twice a day without moisturizer, it will over dry and irritate the skin making the acne worse in quite a few cases. That being said, it's a very good program for mild acne if you 1. Don't use the topical lotion twice a day (at least not if you have sensitive skin). 2. Add
  19. Dark leafy greens are pretty high in calcium. A serving of canned spinach has about 10% of the RDA of calcium, and of turnip greens has about 15% of the RDA of calcium. If I remember correctly, a cup of milk doesn't have much more. I did find a list online of veggie calcium contents: Food Amount Milligrams of Calcium Collard Greens 1 cup 355 mg Bok Choy 1 cup 250 mg Turnip Greens 1 cup
  20. Mix about 1 part glycerin (available at drugstore or whole foods stores) with about 3-5 parts water. You can apply this as a toner with a cotton pad, and it will keep your skin moisturized. Adjust the amount of glycerin to how moisturizing you want it to be. It probably won't do much to fade any marks, but is moisturizing without having the feel of moisturizer on your skin.
  21. If your skin tends to be dry and irritated from the benzamycin, then you would be better off with bp only. Benzamycin is a combination of benzoyl peroxide and another antibacterial. Unfortunately, most (if not all) pharmacies reconstitute it using alcohol, which makes the finished topical extremely drying.
  22. Ask to go to the dermatologist if they don't replace the water softener (most good parents won't say no to a dermatologist unless they really are too poor) -- that might convince them (make sure you remind them that fewer & fewer insurance companies are covering the majority of acne meds being prescribed). (unless of course you're an adult living with them)
  23. good. The toner is an alcohol-free glycolic acid toner. It will prevent blackheads and clogged pores, and allow the bp to get into the pores more easily. The cleanser (at least the Klear Action kit stuff) is a very gentle but very effective mechanical exfoliant - works well but is much gentler than any facial scrub I've ever used. The lotion is 2.5% bp like what those on Dan's regimin use. I've found the products in the klear action kit (a knockoff of proactiv) to be very gentle and non-irri
  24. I haven't had any acne since I stopped eating wheat. In my case, however, there was a definite wheat allergy. My diet change had nothing to do with acne - that was a very pleasant side effect. Eating wheat causes me horrible bloating and extreme fatigue. It is also the likely cause of stunted growth (mom and I are both 4'10") and osteoporosis on my mother's side of the family. It depends on your genes. The estimates are that something like 1% of the population is allergic to wheat, though few