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  1. You can't be on spiro if you are on birth control? Also, have you ever taken Accutane and Spiro? My derm mentioned there is a "less harsh" version of Accutane that is "brand new." Has anyone heard of this? I can't seem to find anything with a google search.
  2. Broke me out like crazy. Created cystic acne and didn't heal anything. Worse decision I ever made. Began the products in November. Still dealing with the aftermath in March after using the products for 2 months (the recommended "detox" period). SO OVER Arbonne and it's untrained consultants! They are not MDs! I say this HAPPILY as an EX Arbonne Independent Consultant! If you have serious acne problems, do not use Arbonne!
  3. Amen Melissa! I am in the SAME EXACT boat. Arbonne horrifically RUINED my skin, and I get absolutely no empathy from my "upline." Instead, they dismiss my comments by saying, "This is the detox process." After 2 months of "detoxing" with Arbonne, my face looked like I had chicken pox. So glad I am MOVING ON and finding something that works! Hope you have found a good regime for you. Peace!
  4. You're absolutely right. I used to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and I felt I was becoming BRAINWASHED into believing that these products are AMAZING. Until they RUINED MY SKIN HORRIFICALLY, and all of my Arbonne "friends" said, "Well, this is the detox process, so you're just going to have to endure through it." Yes, it's reasonable to ask a person to sell skin care whose face is COVERED in cystic acne BECAUSE OF Arbonne.... Hmm.. Makes no sense, right? This sounds like a typical
  5. I used to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I quit after the products MASSIVELY ruined my skin. They kept saying, "Oh, it's the detox process, and it's pulling all the bad out.." Well, if after 2 months, your product is STILL pulling out all the bad and NOT clearing up ANYTHING, then the product is NO GOOD in my book. I have so much left over... over $3,000 worth of product! It works for some people, but I need to get this garbage out of my house asap! Don't be afraid of orderin
  6. I tried Proactive Plus for a week. At first, I LOVED the products. THEN, my face all of a sudden became overwhelmingly dry and stiff, to the point where I couldn't smile! In a week, I saw that my acne HAD GOTTEN WORSE!! I immediately called them, and they sent me a free kit of the regular proactiv, and it's been working better. I'm also using a topical antibiotic called clindamycin! Results are SLOWLY improving. I have an appointment with the dermatologist on Tuesday!
  7. You might be interested to read the reply I received from an Arbonne Independent Consultant who was my "upline" after I had posted the above response in our private Facebook group: "Soooo sorry to hear you are leaving your Arbonne business! I would of loved to have worked with you as you seem like such a lovely, beautiful, positive person and would be truly phenomenal at this! However I can only say that I deeply empathise with your situation my lovely and am so so sad and sorry that you
  8. Here is a letter I wrote to an Arbonne Independent Consultant. As an ex-Arbonne Independent Consultant, I hope that my review is thorough and trustworthy: I changed my diet (gluten free and dairy free), take natural supplements to help hormones, quit 20+ hours per week of work to be less stressed. I used the following products: Arbonne Clear Advantage and Arbonne FC5. The products just massively ruined my skin. I used the RE9 for a week and then the blemishes began, which is why I switche
  9. Hi Emmanuel, Yes, it is no secret that BP products contain wrinkle-creating power! The key to fighting the wrinkles is through MOISTURIZING. I used Arbonne RE9 eye cream to reduce fine lines around my eyes from 12 years of using proactive. Now that I am using Proactive+, I'm not seeing such intense drying and wrinkling as I have with the previous Proactiv. Also, keep in mind that genetics play a huge part in how the skin ages. I'm blessed with really good genes in that department. T
  10. Try 2,000 mg of evening primrose oil, especially if it's a hormonal imbalance. It's an Omega-6 that helps to balance hormones. It can take up to 3 months to see the full effect. Also, have you tried diluted tea tree oil and a gluten-free diet? This was a decent "all-natural" solution for me, but my acne was really stubborn so I required something more potent. Finally, Proactiv recently came out with a new line of products called Proactiv+. It's 2 doses of BPO 2.5% each and 1 dose of S
  11. Hi everyone, I used the original formula of Proactiv from the age of 14 to 26...12 years! During that time, I also took two rounds of Accutane, antibiotics, etc - it appeared that only the harsh, invasive treatments helped to heal my stubborn acne. Then, I had to have an emergency appendectomy in October of 2012, which threw my entire system for a loop, especially my skin. My acne continued to worsen, and because of my health scare, I went on an "all-natural, all organic" kick, and quit u